Give Yourself Grace

It’s time to acknowledge the fact that you have come a long way from where you first started. Remember the days when you did not know whether you were coming or going (up one day and down the next)?  Remember when peace of mind and emotional freedom were not a part of your life?  Do you remember when that low-level anxiety was always running in the background of your mind? Do you remember all of the internal pain of needing validation from having a relationship or from other people in general?  Do you remember the days when you needed the outside props from men, your job, compliments, designer clothes, and the overall “need to be seen” in order to feel good about yourself?

At some point along the way, you made a huge, significant shift — a giant leap of faith where you actually laid hold of and grasped the promises of God for your very life, your sanity and peace of mind.  By the sheer grace and mercy of God, you found the strength, the wherewithal to actually receive and apply His grace that helped you to arrive at this particular season of your life.  You now walk in greater emotional health and peace of mind.  You know deep down inside that you are loved and valued by God.  You are no longer screeching internally for outside validation.

Now you have been walking the path towards greater degrees of wholeness, you find that the grace that you first walked in now seems a bit elusive.  What happened? You know that you have experienced a mighty deliverance.  You know what God has done in you, for you and through you.  But now the road is a little trickier.  The tests keep coming.  You have suffered to maintain the level of wholeness you now walk in and it is a battle to move to the next level.  What happened? You did run well; who did hinder you…? (Galatians 5:7)

Here are four ways to give yourself grace as you move forward to heal and order your life:

  1. Self-Forgiveness. Give yourself the grace to be a human and make mistakes.  Give yourself the grace of letting yourself off the hook.  God convicts, but does not condemn.  We tend to do the opposite.  We condemn ourselves and with that comes shame.  Shame will always keep you small, living small, dating small, and showing up small.  Forgive yourself and move forward.
  2. Transition Time. Give yourself the grace to transition between seasons and relationships.  Don’t go jumping into a new relationshiop all fast and hard catching feeligns before your soul and heart have had a chance to adequately process and heal from the previous situation.  Protect your heart from rebounding and guard your sanity by giving yourself the grace of transition time.
  3. Permission to Live and Love. Give yourself the grace of permission.  Repeat after me, “I give myself the permission to live and love again.”  It’s okay.  It really is! You are enough and you deserve to be loved and cherished.
  4. Walk Worthy. You are worthy.  Give yourself the grace and permission to walk worthy of the calling and purpose that God as called you too.  You are worth it.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Your life has meaning and significance.  Walk like it and act like. Stop hiding out in shame and fear and other excuses.

Give yourself Grace!





One more New Year Blog Post in Your Overflowing Inbox. Read at Your Own Risk.

Haha. I got you to open it didn’t I? LOL.

Anyhoo, I’m simply reaching out to say HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I have been very deliberate and intentional to say low and off the grid in terms of social media the last couple of weeks of December so that I too, could come home and come back to God away from the distractions of other people’s voices, opinions, pics, etc.  So I am reaching out today to remind you that:

  • God will still love you even if you don’t complete all of your goals, tasks, initiatives, assignments, income goals, financial goals, business ideas, ministry start-up, entrepreneurial endeavors, strategies, groups, marketing, resolutions, intentions, book writing, classes, promises, diets, fitness, relationship, marital status, parenting things you have already written, cried, prayed, journaled, fasted and been prophesied too about.
  • Since he loves you regardless, remember to move at the pace of grace and not the frenzy, fret, and fever of your flesh, aka your ego or default tendencies when you go into overdrive trying to get everything done.

What does this mean practically for you today? It means that to Come Up Higher in 2018, you must first come home to yourself and come home to God.  It means that you are so rooted, grounded, fixed and founded and secure in who you are in Him, that you don’t have to operate trying to do so much so fast and so hard in your own energy.

It means that yes – you will definitely work hard, but there will be a grace on it.

It means that yes, you will bring things thru to completion, but it will be with patience and consistency, little by little, bit by bit, not all in some big wild rush to burn you out before February.

More to come but in the meantime, remember – before you run wildly doing a bunch of stuff, make sure that you have had your appointment with God and yourself.  Make sure you Come Home before you attempt to Come Up Higher in 2018.



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