Transition: The Shaking Season


“So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.”

            Ezekiel 37 is a well-known passage of scripture in which the prophet Ezekiel speaks of a prophetic vision regarding the restoration of Israel from death and destruction to life again.

In this passage, the Lord takes Ezekiel to a valley full of dead and dry human bones and he asks the prophet one question – “Can these bones live?” and Ezekiel’s response is “Oh Lord You know”.  Then the Lord commands Ezekiel to prophesy to these dead bones and say to these bones “O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord, behold I will cause breath to enter into you and you shall live: and I will lay sinews upon you and flesh upon you and cover you with skin  and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.”

Look at this situation.  This is a valley full of thousands upon thousands of skulls, rib cages, leg bones, feet bones, arm bones, back bones, fingers, etc.  They are dry and old which means that the bodies have been dead for a very long time.  Are there any situations in your life that have been dried up and dead for a long time?  Looks like there is no hope of resurrection or resuscituation.  Some of you have gone through severe trials and circumstances that have zapped your very life force from you and you feel as though you may as well be dead.  Everything around you looks dead.  Your money is dead and relationships have died.  There is nothing new and living around you in your life it seems.  You have been in a dry, barren, valley of dead bones for a long time.

Then a word from the Lord comes to you speaking life into your circumstances.  Something gets a hold of you and slowly but surely, you even begin to start speaking life.  You begin to praise God more.  You begin to speak the word more.  You establish a consistent prayer life.  Other committed believers begin to stand with you and intercede in the gap on your behalf.  Hold on! Then that’s when your shaking season starts!  And as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.

What is a shaking season?  The shaking season is the time between times.  The Season between seasons.  The time between being dead and becoming alive.  It is the time of resurrection.  It is a time of transition.  You are not yet alive, but you are definitely not dead!  Something is happening!  Behold there was a noise! And Behold there a shaking! There is activity in your life that hasn’t existed in a long, long time!  Something is happening!  Something is going on the spirit realm and you begin to see evidence in your natural circumstances.  Something is shaking!  There is movement.  Can you imagine this scene being played out in front of Ezekiel, who allowed himself to be used as God’s voice to speak life to these dry dead bones in a valley?  Think about it.  Thousands of bones, kicking up a bunch of dust, making all sorts of racket being all rickety making noises, creating rumblings and shakings, and swirling masses of dust and dirt in the atmosphere making a big mess.  What other way could it have been?  Do you think that it looked neat and pretty? Do you think these bones that were all scattered from pillar to post all over this huge valley came together all quietly without racket?  NOT!

So I pose to this question brothers and sisters.  What makes you think that when God begins to bring your dead situation to life that it is going to look all neat and pretty?  When you got a dead mess, and the Spirit of the Lord begins to intervene in your situation, you better believe that there is going to be some noise and some shaking!  Where did we get the idea that God is going to do it the way we envision in our minds in a neat little perfect package?  How do we imagine that a God so much bigger than us, can answer our prayers in our narrow little way to fix our big mess?

Let’s imagine again what Ezekiel must have thought when he saw this scene.  He had to wonder “What in the world are you doing God?”  This looks wild!  This is crazy.  Look at all these bones flinging around wildly.  This looks a little freaky and spooky God!”  Now let’s bring that down to our modern, frenetic, crazed lives.  When your life is being rebuilt there is tumult, chaos, noise and shaking.  Nothing looks right.  It sometimes appears that everything is going wrong.  It looks nothing like what you prayed for, but yet you know that God is up to something.  It seems so bizarre and weird.  It is an unnerving scary time.  You don’t know what steps to take some days.  Sometimes you may be up and high on your faith, other days you think you are going to lose your mind.  Every day there is a new challenge, something else shaking, something else making noise.  One minute there is calm and the next minute something else jumps off and there is chaos.  You ask God What is going on now God.  What does this here mean, God. I’m here to tell you dear brothers and sisters, that the only thing God is doing is simply answering your prayers!!! He is shaking up the things in your life to get you to that there place.  Yes it’s shaky, Yes it’s noisy, Yes the terrain and the atmosphere is unfamiliar.  The dust from the shaking is so dense you can’t see your way clear some days.

But I am here to tell you that GOD’S GOT YOU!!  Don’t fret during the shaking.  Stand still.  Hold on!  Hold Out!  God’s got you!!!!!   During your shaking season remember that this is the process of going from death to life.  Moving from a dead place of no activity to a place of life and fulfillment of God’s promises in your life is not a simple process.  With God all things are indeed possible, but with this promise of possibility there is the certainty that there will be a shaking to get there.  Can I get an amen somebody.  You can’t rush a resurrection baby!  God knows what it takes to get you back to life again.

For some of the situations and messes that we have gotten in some on our own and some beyond our control, it takes a mighty move of God to get it back in order.  But we serve a mighty God who is well able to handle your shaking season!  Let’s look again at what Ezekiel said in 37:7 “….And as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.  THE bones came together, bone to his bone.  What does that mean for us?  It means that the bones are coming together in order and alignment.  Like the old song that goes, “the foot bone connected to the ankle bone, and so forth”.  God uses the shaking season to get things back in their proper order and alignment in the spiritual and natural areas of your life.  The bones did not get come back together in some crazy, haphazard way, but in the proper order.   When you try to do your own resurrection in the flesh without the spirit of the Lord, you will do it in a crazy haphazard way.  Only God can get your mess straight and in order correctly the first time.

When your emotions, your mind begin to get healed and you think clearer your outer circumstances begin to reflect this.  As within, so without!  God works on your situation from the inside out.   So if you feel topsy turvy on the inside and it looks topsy turvy on the outside, then you know that you are in a shaking season but God is putting you back together again!  One, by one, the bones came togher in order, not out of sync! And your life, will come together in order and in sync.  Let God do his good work in you!  For He is working both to will and to do of His good pleasure in your life and his promises are yes and amen.  When you begin to see certain areas of your life come together again but it is still not complete, don’t give up hope and get discouraged because it does not look like what you have prayed for just yet.  Keep believing, keep praying, keep praising, keep serving, keep sowing, keep doing what you know you need to do!  Don’t stop the shaking process!!!!  The shaking season is like the beginning of spring after a long hard cold winter. You begin to see promises.  You see the buds, you see green, but hold on – that’s not your harvest just yet!  Its just the PROMISE OF YOUR HARVEST.  THE BEGINNINGS OF YOUR HARVEST.  For eyes have not yet seen nor ears heard what God has in store for you!

So hold on and hold out.  Yes the shaking season is tiresome but you can’t afford to give up and throw in the towel.  Remember these keys to your shaking season.  The words you speak in your shaking season determine the intensity of your shaking, the level of order and alignment to reach and the speed in which it all comes together!!! Repeat that!  The words you speak determine how intense your shaking is.  Do you want an easy light shaking season or do you want it hard and fast?  Get ready, in your tongue is life and death and you have what you say!  The words you speak determine how much order and aligment you attain.  Be very careful about what comes out of your mouth.  Be very specific in your prayers and watch God do the impossible.  The words you speak determine the speed.  You can accelerate your season by speaking words of faith and life daily and being consistent in your prayer and spiritual life.  You can slow down your shaking season and prolong it by speaking death and fear over it.  Fear will hinder the process and if you are not careful to hurry and get out of fear, fear will arrest the process all together.

This explains why some people’s lives stay in a perpetual mess.  They start praying and believing and increasing in faith God begins to move.  Things start shaking.  Things start looking crazy  They get all fearful and stop speaking faith words and start speaking fear words.  Then the whole process stops and they are in this stage of half dead and half alive.  You don’t want to be like that.  Keep moving, keep speaking, don’t stop and don’t give up.

This is the place were the enemy likes to mess with your mind because he will have you focused on how crazy and jacked up your situation is and the reality is that it is truly all good!  Don’t Give up!  Remember that all things work together for your good!  Even when it looks shaky!


One thought on “Transition: The Shaking Season

  1. There are many things that bring on a Shaking Season; some of our own making and sometime God just moves someone or something out of our life. My shaking season began when God took my husband. It has been the toughest season in my life so far. I had to find my new self – my new life. I had to find my new life – as a Widow. I hated that word. I did not want to be a widow. I still don’t want to be a widow, but I am becoming familiar with the widow that lives inside me. I am still shaking but not so much, now. I am being re-born to a new life, and I am embracing it with ever fiber of my being because I know that God has reasons that I don’t understand. Through this, I have found more abundant Grace than I thought possible— Grace and More Grace, O what wonderful Grace. He give me the Grace to walk with Him daily. He is my Peace – truly he is my anchor very day. O Lord My God, How Great Thou Art!

    Whatever (Shaking) Season you find yourself in – Keep Walking until you get through it – It will pass as does everything in this world. God’s Grace and Blessings to all who read this.


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