Settle It In Your Soul: YOU Have Been Made Whole


“And You are Complete in Him…” Col 2:10

Complete: having all necessary parts, elements, or steps; fully carried out; total; absolute. Whole: mentally or emotionally sound; having all proper parts or components; constituting an undivided unit; unbroken, complete or total.

To be complete in Christ is a very interesting and somewhat challenging statement to comprehend, yet here it is, in the Holy Scripture.  Paul wrote that we are Complete in Jesus Christ.  Completeness is another word for Wholeness.  You cannot be Whole but yet be incomplete.  You cannot be Complete yet lack wholeness.  We receive and walk in this Completeness and Wholeness when we receive and accept Christ.  But then we think, how in the world can I be complete, when I can clearly see that I have some major issues going on?  I see how I act and behave.  I know the thoughts that I think.   I know what I am struggling with.  But this verse still sits here, loud and clear, with the proclamation that in Christ I am Complete.

What exactly does this mean? It means that without Christ I am indeed a broken, hot and incomplete mess.  It means that with Christ living on the inside of me, I am restored to Completeness with him.  In Him I live, In Him I move and have my being (Acts 17:28).  It means that when I abide in him and He abides in me that my life will be fruitful.  Otherwise, my life will be nothing (John 15:4-5).

For me to walk out this completeness on a daily basis requires several key things. But right now we are going to focus on this one issue: BELIEF.  I must BELIEVE in my heart and mind I am indeed complete in Him.  I must make it part of my conscious and subconscious reality that I am a Complete and Whole Child of God, that I am not a falling apart person barely hanging on at the end of my rope.  It is about perception.  It is about remembering where God brought me from.  It is about deliberately canceling, crucifying and capturing the negative lies, thoughts, words, etc that the enemy puts in my head about myself.

What sense does it make to profess being complete in Christ, to walk around claiming wholeness but then turn around and self-sabotage by beating yourself up over every mistake, over your past, over the all consequences that are still yet unfolding?  What sense does it make to engage in self-flogging?  Why do we beat up ourselves and allow the lies and wrong thinking to overtake us?  We undermine our completeness every time we do this.  We give satan a chance to laugh and snicker at us because he is the one who starts it.  We take the bait, run with it in our imagination and he sits back and laughs.  He did very little work other than plant the thought. We did all the beating ourselves.

Once the mental and emotional self-flogging episode is finished, we are now broken again, picking up the pieces and wondering how we got here yet again.  Christ looks on us with pity and love, waiting for us to step back into the Wholeness and Completeness that he took the flogging for us to walk in.  He looks at us in love while we engage in destructive behavior and waits.

Wholeness and Completeness at its core is a fundamental belief that you are rooted, grounded, fixed and founded in the Love of God.  No matter what you have been through, no matter what you have done if you have received, believed and confessed Jesus Christ into your heart, you have been MADE WHOLE.  Yes, it is a process to walk out in the natural as your soul and your body catches up with your spirit.  Yes, it is a process for your mind and emotions to undo and unlearn the lies that you have believed and walked in.  Yes, it is a process to re-train your brain to righteousness, completeness, and dependency upon Christ living in you instead of relying on yourself.  However, it is absolutely imperative and crucial to know deep in your heart that you are seated in heavenly places with Christ (Eph. 2:6), that you are saved and that you are hidden in Him.  You are Complete.

Think about this.  An apple seed has all of the components necessary to grow and develop into a full-fledged apple tree capable of producing hundreds of apples.  The seed is very tiny and looks like nothing.  But it is Complete.  The seed is whole.  It is not a full grown tree.  It needs to be placed in the proper environment for it to grow into the fullness of the apple tree.  Because it is in seed form does not mean that it is worthless. It does not mean that it is broken or messed up or that something is wrong with it.   It has to go through its process.

A furry caterpillar crawling on the ground is a complete worm.  It has all of the genetic coding within it necessary for it to turn into a complete butterfly.  But right now it looks like a creepy worm.  But inside it is a complete beautiful butterfly.  We do not denigrate the little worm because it is not a fully formed butterfly.  The caterpillar is not going around hurting itself and complaining because it cannot behave or function like a butterfly. It has to go through its process.

It is the same way for us.  Just because we are still in the seed state or the caterpillar state doesn’t mean we are not whole or that we are incomplete.  We are still in process.  We are still working out our own soul salvation.  We are still growing in him.  He that has begun a good work in his will complete it (Phil 1:6).  Our God is a perfecting and performing God.  He perfects the things that concern us. He performs all things for us (Ps 138:8, Ps. 57:2).

We have yet to arrive into the Fullness and Completeness of our Destiny in Christ.  There is no time to waste on complaining and self-sabotaging ourselves through unbelief and unruly thinking.  This must become a settled, established issue if we expect to complete our process.   We can settle this issue by confessing the Word of wholeness and completeness over our lives daily; 2) by spending time daily in prayer and reflection and; 3) by being in healthy fellowship and relationship with others (no isolation).  These three things help solidify and establish wholeness, completeness and connection which are vital for any human being to move through his or her process.  Any aspect of these things missing will perpetuate the cycle of brokenness over time.  Settle these issues.  Settle Your Heart.  Settle it in Your Soul — You have been made Whole!

11 thoughts on “Settle It In Your Soul: YOU Have Been Made Whole

  1. Wonderful post! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for making me feel good about myself. I feel lighter. I feel empty before and now I know that God is the only thing that’s missing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article!


    • Thank you Erin! I know exactly how you feel. Everything I write comes directly from personal experience. I am very glad and thankful that this has touched you so.


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  3. Thank you for writing this article. You are truly gifted! I look forward to what’s to come…I know it will be a blessing.


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