Are Running on An Empty Tank & Living off Fumes?

emptygas guage

We’ve all done it. Waited until the absolute last second to put gas in our cars, with the line below “E” and driving up to the gas station on pure fumes. With gas prices being so high these days, a half of a tank of gas is considered the new “full”!

Little do we realize the damage that we could potentially do to the fuel systems on our cars when we let the gas get dangerously low. Little do we realize how much jeopardy we place ourselves in when the car gets down to the last drop of gas. Yet time after time again, we drive it dry until the car is literally running on fumes alone. I’ll be the first to admit that I have done this! We eventually get gas again, but how often must we do this before one day we actually run out and are left stranded on the side of the road?

Just as we must use wisdom and common sense when it comes to putting gas in our cars, we must use the same wisdom when it comes to our spiritual and emotional lives. We are very good at rushing around here and there, doing this and that in the ministry, in our homes, on our jobs, and in the community. Underneath the never ending cycle of busyness, we are good at maintaining the appearance that we that we have it all together but on the inside we are falling apart.

We look good on the outside, yet are awfully empty and running on fumes on the inside. Oftentimes, we are so used to living on empty that we have forgotten what being full looks like and we think that running on empty is the new normal.

It is NOT normal to operate our lives with an emotional and spiritual deficit. It is NOT normal to run around without taking time to recharge our spirits and our emotions. Yet because of the way we operate our schedules and our lives, it sometimes seems impossible to get anything done, to meet all of our obligations, and stay on top of things without overextending ourselves.

The enemy of our soul works overtime to keep us on a treadmill of busy, busy, busy, so that we are too “busy” to notice the condition of our hearts. We are too “busy” to process emotionally when something happens. It is easier and faster to push it down, cover it up and keep it moving. We don’t have time to cry. We don’t want to talk about. It is easier to put on the fake smile and live behind the Facebook selfies.

We’ve got things to do, people to take care of, jobs to go to, a ministry assignment, a good work to do after all. We have great God-given plans, purposes and visions to implement for our lives and we must keep it moving!

All along, our hearts go silently unchecked.

We are too busy to pray, meditate and study on the scriptures. When we forego doing this, we are also deliberately choosing to deny ourselves of the opportunity for a heart check. We deny ourselves the opportunity of a heart cleansing. We deny ourselves the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit to clean and stabilize our hearts. Then with our unchecked, unclean and unprepared hearts we rush full steam ahead into a lifestyle where were impact and influence others with the word of our mouths. This my brothers and sisters should not be!

Many of us as Christians truly love God, yet we continue to operate with an emotional and spiritual deficit – on an empty tank. This deficit spills over into other areas of our lives including our health, finances and relationships. If we run on an empty tank all of the time, we will make poor choices in our health. We will not eat right. We will make poor financial choices because we are don’t take time to plan and we wind up spending money unnecessarily. Lastly, running on fumes will cause you to attract and get entangled in unhealthy relationships. Operating our lives at a spiritual and emotional deficit can wreak havoc in our lives on so many levels but the relationship level is extremely critical to our overall well-being and peace.

Although Christ died for us to become complete in Him, we must deliberately choose to walk in that completeness every day. Chose today to stop running around on an empty tank. Chose today to stop running on fumes spiritually and emotionally. Chose life. Chose Wholeness. Chose Completeness!

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3 thoughts on “Are Running on An Empty Tank & Living off Fumes?

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  2. Girl, I can relate to everything in this post. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to slow down and take care of myself…spiritual, physical, & mental/emotional health are essential to growth. Today I will not only recognize my deficits. ..I will stop to fill my tank! Keep up you challenging -life-altering messages!

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