Before You Go Hard With Your Hustle in 2016 Remember These Two Words….


Yes! I got my special 2016 planner already pre-filled, pre-planned & pre-populated!

Yes! I signed up for my coaching, this class, that workshop, that seminar, etc.!

Yes! I am on a __ day ____ of fast with my church! (you fill in the blanks.)

Hold up. wait a Minute!

All of these things are necessary if you plan on accomplishing anything.   I’m doing the same things too.  Far from being perfect, however, I will struggle and tweak as I go along.

For that reason over the years, I have learned TWO VERY IMPORTANT WORDS as we all stand at the Starting Line of 2016….



That’s right BABY STEPS! If you get all gung-ho, and busy too fast, too quick and too much you will 1) quickly tucker out, fall apart in overwhelm and burnout or 2) get sidetracked and distracted with the tyranny of the urgent.

To avoid falling into these traps, remember who your source is – Christ! We are reminded in Acts 17:28 that in Him we live, in Him we move and in Him we have all of our being. In John 15:5, Christ Himself clearly tells us that without Him we can do nothing – zilch – nada. Well, you may say I have done quite a bit in my life before Christ and I know I can make stuff happen now. Yes, you can in your own strength and in your own power, but will the reason and the motivations withstand the test of eternal, kingdom significance and value?

There is nothing that you can do of any eternal significance for Christ apart from Christ. Everything else you do on your own and in your personal power without Him will not matter beyond your life on earth.

So don’t rely on your own strength at the starting gate of 2016 – rely on His Strength if you expect to fulfill a God-given vision and mandate. Relying upon Him requires that you take BABY STEPS until you are able to move at a quicker pace. Until you got the hang of that new thought pattern, habit, routine, new business idea, writing, whatever it may be.

Two scriptures that I always lean on to help me is Philippians 1:6 and Mark 7:37 which tells us to be confident that He who begun a good work in you will complete it and that He does all things well. Remember He (NOT YOU) began the good work and He (NOT YOU) is the one who will do all things well as you cooperate with Him taking steps towards implementing His Vision for 2016.

So the key, two most important words for this year is Baby Steps. Small consistent steps over time, in order and in His strength will carry you much further and enable you to maintain and sustain over the long haul as you begin this year. You will look back over the series of baby steps that you took and realize that yes indeed, you have truly covered much ground and it was all because you didn’t try too hard, too fast and too quick but because you took your time and leaned in Christ. In Psalm 37:23 we read that it is the STEPS of a good man or woman that are ordered and delighted in by God (not wild leaps, jumps and bounds into overwhelm and burnout) but the step-by-step process that strengthens you for the capacity to handle the full manifestation of the Vision.

So take a pause and quietly remember the following before rushing in all quick to “Go Hard” with your hustle:

1) Take Baby Steps

2) He Begun the Work in You

3) He will Complete the Work in You; and,

4) He Does ALL things Well!

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