The Covered & Complete Woman: How to GO THRU with Grace


Why do we become so resentful and impatient with our process – in particular the mistakes and struggles along the way? Why doesn’t God just supernaturally wave His hand and BOOM — we are delivered and set free from the issues of our past? Why do we always have to go through some kind of process? And why, oh why does it have to take so long?

Sometimes in the midst of emotional and spiritual recovery we become impatient with our own healing process.

We totally understand when a person has to slow down and take care of themselves to recover from a stroke, a heart attack, a car accident or any other life threatening illness or accident.

However, when it comes to emotional and spiritual recovery time, we are more diminishing and dismissive over this recovery process because it is not something that can be outwardly seen, measured or quantified.

The process of healing, is in reality, a process of becoming aware of and releasing the stinking thinking, lies and beliefs surrounding the situations in your life that caused pain and suffering.

It is a process of not only going back and healing the old wounds, but also dealing with the lies and beliefs that you began to believe about yourself as a result of the old wounds that continue to linger and affect your current reality.

Becoming aware of and becoming free from the old stories, beliefs, lies and patterns does not happen in five minutes.   Oftentimes, we do not even realize the patterns and belief systems because they run so deep and are very profound. We do not know what our subconscious beliefs are most of the time, but we see the results manifested in our lives. This is why you can quote scriptures all day long but still see no true results because there is an underlying lie, old belief system in operation that you are not aware of.

In Romans 12: 2 we are called to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our spirits are saved but our minds and the inherited beliefs and patterns we have formed are not!

While you are in this mind renewal process, take the time to seek God and ask him to reveal to you what you really believe about yourself deep down on the inside. Ask Him to open your eyes to the patterns. Be willing to see yourself. This process takes A LOT of courage. Getting real and being healed is not for the weak or faint of heart! Immerse yourself in the Word of God, books and training to renew your mind and re-train your mind according to who you are as a child of God — not the underlying lies!

And while you are in this process remember this — you are a totally a different person now, so just because you feel the consequences of the decisions made by the person you were 10 or 20 years ago, stop hurting and blaming yourself. This is not serving you. God is not hurting you or blaming you. He took the hurt, the blame and the shame on the cross. You are not helping by creating self-inflicted suffering. As a matter of fact, you are holding up your own healing process!

Be reminded that according Romans 8:29 you were foreknown and predestined. You were called by God for a specific purpose even in the midst of ALL of your struggles.  You are not a surprise to God! He has you Covered!

Because you were already called, you can be confident that He who began a good work in you will complete it (Philippians 1:6). And even with all of your frailties, inadequacies, past mistakes, choices, resulting consequences that are still unfolding, you are still complete in Him (Colossians 2:10). You can still have life to the full, till it overflows because you have Him.

Where you end, He begins. Where you lack, He fills. His Grace is Sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9). His strength is made perfect in your weakness! Time out for being mad, resentful and offended at yourself for your past and what you had to go thru in order to grow.

God designed us to Grow. He is a God of steps, order and growth. Everything must grow or it will die. Guess what? Growth involves making mistakes. Growth involves learning from mistakes.

Growth involves reflection, correction and redirection. Growth means change. Growth means transformation. You can no longer afford to be resentful of your own growth process for all of these years.

Question: How would the New YOU — the mature, free, forgiven and whole New You conduct herself now? How does blaming the Old You and being mad at the Old You serve the New You now? What good is it doing?

The New You no longer has to over give, over extend, overdo, or live in state of in overwhelm. The Old You did this because she didn’t think she was enough or worthy. She didn’t think she was being heard. She did not know how to live loved. She did not know how to life in the flow of God’s grace, gifts, blessings and abundance. She was broken. She needed attention and validation. She was insecure. She believed the lie that she was not enough or worthy due to abuse, abandonment and rejection.

But the New You is complete, full and enough Right NOW!

From this point on, when the lies scream louder than the truth, remember this:

  1. You now abide in Christ
  2. You allow Him to transform you
  3. You receive His grace instead of sing about it
  4. You now walk in wisdom because you have learned from your mistakes
  5. You know that Christ’s favor surrounds you like a shield and mercy and goodness follows you
  6. You know that you are Called, Confident, Covered and Complete in Him as you continue to heal, grow and recover your life.

I encourage you to embrace these truths and become comfortable and free TODAY with who YOU ARE in SPITE of your struggles and imperfections knowing that you are truly COVERED and Complete IN CHRIST!

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