Tension in Transition: The Mismatch Between Mindset & Manifestation


I know my purpose.  I heard from God.  I have a plan. But why do I keep stumbling in executing and manifesting what I KNOW I’m supposed to be doing?

How do we master the in-between season of the transition? What do you do when you struggle to stay focused and keep your mind renewed? What are the setbacks that happen when you set an intention to fully engage and walk out the purpose and vision God gave you?

Crossing over the threshold to a new season brings with it a unique set of challenges. When we begin to close the gap between our current reality and our desired reality, there is bound to be some level of discomfort. For every new level of breakthrough, there has to be a shifting, a re-ordering and an expansion of our lives from within and without.

For every positive change that you desire to manifest in your life from changing your career, writing a book, starting a business, preparing for marriage and so on – expect tension in the transition. The tension comes from the necessity of your entire mindset and belief system having to come into alignment with what you are affirming, stating, and claiming out of your mouth. This is no easy feat because of the very intense resistance you are receiving from your outer circumstances and the intense resistance coming from inside of you – from your fears, limiting beliefs and mindsets.

The biggest resistance often comes when we have checked all of the things off the list, i.e., – #1 Got the Vision , #2 Got The Plan, but then we get to #3– Walk it Out, we start to stumble. You did run well, what hindered you? (Gal. 5:7 KJV)

We get hindered because even though we have a clear vision or picture and we have the plan in place, we have not yet lined up the outer and inner conditions of our lives to match up and support the vision that God has placed in side of us. Thus, the tension in transition – the hindrances and the distractions. Not everything is the devil! A lot of it is just us. Our current lifestyle is not conducive to supporting the dream at the level God has ordained.

There is usually a significant mismatch between our mindset now and the mindset required for our lives to line up to support the vision.

Often we ask God for great and mighty things. We receive a word or revelation about it. We get excited because we KNOW God has revealed this thing to us, yet we do not have the internal capacity and fortitude to maintain and sustain the fullness of it.

We ask for very large sums of money, yet we shun financial literacy and training on money management. We desire a wonderful relationship, yet we hold on to past hurts and keep getting entangled in dead-end relationships. We want a million dollar mansion, but on the inside, in our souls and minds, we are at the level of 10 square foot closet.

Or sometimes on the flip side, you may have already begun to walk in purpose and have enjoyed a degree of progress and you know that you must now up-level to a greater space. You have now OWNED your calling, your purpose and you are responsible to keep on walking it out because people are watching you and they know you can do it. They have seen you do it. That can be quite scary because we don’t want the responsibility of owning the call, owning the purpose and being responsible to show up fully. Walking in purpose brings responsibility. To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48) It’s done now. It’s out there now. Too late to run tail and hide because it’s too big and too much. Your hide out days are over! You must keep moving forward in spite of feeling like you don’t have it all together.

At the risk of sounding simplistic and common (because I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times) yet I will say it here again– what we are asking for is already our’s to receive. It is here. The finished work of Christ, is already completed. We are already complete in Him. We are already complete in His Love. Christ did the work already. We must walk into what God has in store for us and receive it by faith. But How you ask? I’m saying my affirmations, I’m praying, I’m meditating, I’m tithing, I’m serving, I’m going to bible study, I’m working on myself, etc. etc. blahahahaha.

Let me preface this right here. Put a pause button on. I’m still learning myself and everything I write, say, teach and do comes from a place of transparency and a real desire to change me. If I’m writing this, then it is an area that I struggle with, thus the basis for my writing. As I learn, I share!

Back to the point. Three things that will help ease the tension in transition:

  1. Relax.   Christ did the work. Why keep trying to “work” on yourself? He said that His yoke was easy and His burden light. He said we are accepted in the Beloved. He obviously accepted us with our messy issues. He said we were holy and blameless even when we struggle because of what He did and it made Him pleased to do so. Why do we make it so hard? As Shannon Tanner states in her book Worthy: The Power of Wholeness, “we must learn to relax into our inherent worth”, wholeness and completeness right now as His children. Struggling and striving to change ourselves and our situations or getting mad that we are not changing our mindsets, beliefs, ways, behaviors, situations fast enough does not serve us, it makes it worse. We must simply trust the process, obey as we are led, trust that He is leading us if we have sincerely sought him and are walking obediently (not perfection). We know that we are to obey and serve Him. We are not deliberately sinning on purpose to abuse His grace.
  2. Surrender. It takes a greater level of humility to say yes to God than it does to keep resisting what He called you to do. Say yes to the vision placed in your heart and own up to the responsibility that it requires. Stop running and looking at other people for validation. Go ahead and launch out as you are led to do so. You will learn as you launch and be healed as you keep walking forward.
  3. Renew Your Mind. The biggest hindrance that makes the tension and season of transition harder than it has to be are our limiting mindsets and beliefs that appear the minute we verbalize our desire to live higher and better. As you relax and surrender, you will be led to the specific tools, scriptures, wisdom, advice, people and everything you need to prepare your mind and life for what your purpose requires. Your mindset first has to align with the vision and then your outside life and your inside life will inevitably change to support the calling on your life. This can only happen first within your own mind and heart.

His grace is sufficient while you are in transition. Transitions are inevitable. It’s not how bad the transition is, it is how you handle it and your willingness to endure process. You can accelerate or slow down the transition process to the extent in which you relax and trust that He has begun a good work in you and will finish it (Phil. 1:6). And you can determine the speed to the degree that you renew and change your mind on a continual basis. The reality is, you have a choice about how you transition and you are the only one who can make that choice. Choose well!

Until next time,


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