Get Ready for Healthy Love in 2016 – FREE Group Coaching TONIGHT

I hope and pray that you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and now we are only a few days away from ending the old year!  We now at the brink of a brand new year.  How many of you learned a lot, made mistakes, went through transitions, changes, as well breakthroughs and good things in 2015?  I know I did!

As you reflect upon last year and prepare your hearts and minds for the New Year I encourage you to walk wisely as you enter the New Year.  Check out my blog post on the two biggest things you need to consider before you go hard with your vision into the New Year  —  Before You Go Hard With Your Hustle in 2016

Also, if you need clarity on why you had to go through the things you went through this past year, check out this post too  – The 2 Reasons Why You are Going Thru.  There is a very good reason why God allowed certain things!

Did you finally end that dead-end relationship, that toxic limbo situation, that relationship that was not going anywhere but you were still in it?  Now that it’s finally over, are you really and truly ready for healthy love in 2016?  If the answer is a resounding YES, then don’t forget to join me on the call tonight, where I will talk specifically about the love blockers that hinder us from the good love that we need in our lives.  This is stuff that is NOT In my book. You don’t want to miss!



Call In #: 712-775-7031

Passcode: 179148

In His Grace,




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