The 3 Reasons Why You Are Worthy


“God considers me worthy.  I chose to agree.” – Shannon Tanner

We are now two weeks into the New Year.  Some of us may have written our plans out, got our goals established and are well underway in implementing.  Some of us have not even got started in spite of good intentions. Then there are those of us who have started but have fallen off the wagon already because of obstacles, roadblocks and other unanticipated issues that showed up.

No matter what your situation may be, the best way to get on track and to stay on track is to know deep down on the inside that in spite of your past, your mistakes, and your sins, you are still worthy. Worth is defined as “having merit or value; honorable; admirable; deserving; having distinguished character or importance.” Without a fundamental sense of knowing that your life, your plans and God-given dreams are worth it, you will not able to walk out 2016 in the fullness that God intended for you.

We can’t walk around rejecting ourselves, thinking that we are lowly, dirty, no-good, full of shame, unforgiveness, hiding out, and somehow or the other expect to pull off some grand vision, write a best-selling book, start a new business, or help other people in an impactful way if we don’t think we are worthy.   We must believe we are personally worthy enough to do these things or we will become too fearful and self-sabotage ourselves every time.

Big visions require a big shift in mindset and thinking.  A small, shameful, fearful, unworthy and not good enough mindset will never match up to the big dream that God has placed on the inside of you!  Your purpose and work that God created for you to do is contingent upon your how you perceive yourself and whether or not you can actually “walk worthy of the calling” as we are taught to do in Ephesians 4:1.

So always remember these three reasons why are you are personally worthy to live again, to go for it again and to love again in 2016:

1) You are accepted in love according to Ephesians 1:6.  God not only accepts you, but He also elevates and empowers you to do better when you make the choice to cooperate with His way of doing things.

2) You are redeemed and set free. You are no longer bound to your past.  In Isaiah 43:19 we are exhorted to no longer remember the former things, neither consider the things of old, because God is doing a new thing.  We are not beholden to the past.  It is a choice to truly let it go and move on knowing that you are worthy to live again.

3) You have been brought with a high price according to 1 Corinthians 7:23. We don’t have to conform to the worldly method proving and performing in front of other frail humans to prove that we are worthy.  All we have to do is believe it and walk in it.

You are worthy!  This is something that I actively and daily affirm for myself — I am worthy and I will live like it!  And I absolutely love this quote by Shannon Tanner:  “The greatest way to honor God is to AGREE with his opinion of you which is very high.  Our job is to accept the completed work of Christ by believing exactly what He said about usGod considers me worthy. I choose to agree.”  That’s right!  You were worth dying on the cross for.  You were worth being born and allowed to live on this planet.  Your life has purpose and meaning. Meditate and marinate on this truth.  Accept and embrace your inherent personal worthiness.  Let not satan’s the lies override this truth.  You are WORTHY! So live like it in 2016.  Stay tuned next week, for part two where I will discuss practical ways to live and to walk worthy!

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