3 Ways to Walk Worthy of Your Calling in 2016


Last week I talked about why embracing personal worthiness is absolutely critical to our ability to walk in the calling and the God-ordained purpose for our lives.

Now, we are going to look at three practical strategies that you can start right now to embrace personal worthiness and wholeness.

#1. Forgive Yourself and Make Peace With Your Past

Unforgiveness towards yourself for your sins, mistakes, errors and shortcomings is a form of self-rejection.  It is very difficult to walk worthy if you are rejecting yourself on a subconscious level.  The inability to forgive yourself is the equivalent of keeping yourself in a self-imposed prison.  It is a way of self-inflicted torment.  Not only that, if you are subtly rejecting yourself in some way, you can’t expect others to embrace you wholeheartedly, either.  Always remember, that it is unrealistic to expect others to give to you what you refuse to give to yourself.  Give yourself grace.

When we fail to sincerely let go of the past, we have no true peace.  Making peace with the past means to finally stop letting the old story of what happened dictate our lives.  Every time we re-play the old story over and over again, we re-injure ourselves.  Many years of replaying the old story can cause us to become addicted to the story and we stay stuck.  How much emotional and spiritual energy have you wasted by dwelling on the past?  As Shannon Tanner states in Worthy: The Power of Wholeness, “We have limited emotional energy.  When 20% or 50% of our emotional energy is used up on past regrets or old resentments we hinder new growth and clarity of thought…”  We are created to grow in all areas of our lives.  Everything God created grows.  When we fail to grow emotionally by allowing ourselves to stay stuck in the past, we will slowly but surely stagnate and die.  This is why people can be old in age, but remain stuck in their lives.

#2. Do The Work to Heal Your Life

Many things can happen to us that cause us to feel and believe that we are unworthy.  It’s only after the damage to our souls have been done that we realize we have serious problems and issues – long after the initial trauma happened.  Rejection, abandonment, betrayal, huge loss & disappointment are all things that cause us to believe the soul lie that we are unworthy.  Trauma from all of these things bring about the most deadly emotion to our personal worthiness – shame.

Shame is the lowest and most deadly level of human energy.  It is the emotional energy of suicide, depression and death.  It is the antithesis of worthiness.

However, at some point, in order to walk worthy and in our purpose, we must begin to get real and be healed of these wounds.  God specializes in healing our brokenness, but we must cooperate and be willing to go through the process.  This means we must no longer hide our feelings, pretend that nothing happened, “front” like we are okay, play roles and over spiritualize.  It means being gut level honest about what we are feeling, what happened and truly begin the process of healing from the inside out.

#3.  Show Up

No more hiding out in fear.  Fear of what other people think.  Fear of that “they” are going to say.  Fear of what church folks, the pastor, Facebook friends, etc. etc. are going to think.  All of this unnecessary fear about what other human beings will think when they are mostly consumed with their own lives and issues.

The courage to show up authentically and fully for who you are requires knowing and embracing your worth.  The moment you doubt your worth is the moment you shrink back.  It is the moment that the mask goes on and the fake person begins.

No matter how much you claim that you want to be known and accepted for who you are, the reality is that you can’t be really loved and embraced for who you are until you allow others to see you in the truth of who you are without fear.

If we show up as an imposter instead of who we really are, then people won’t love the real you, but they will love the imposter, the mask, or the role that you are playing.

To walk worthy means to be real, authentic and vulnerable enough to show who you are because you know deep down on the inside that you already accept yourself (forgiveness) and you know that God already accepts you, i.e., you are accepted in the beloved according to Ephesians 1:6.

Allow God to lead you in the process of walking worthy.  Make peace with the past.  If you don’t let your past die, it won’t let you live!  Be willing to dig deep and do the necessary healing work.  And lastly, stop hiding out in fear.  Show up fully and walk boldly into your God-ordained destiny!

Until Next Time,



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