Will You Be Made Whole? How to Walk Wholeheartedly


The biblical definition of wholeness is taken from the Hebrew word “Shalom”.  Shalom signifies a sense of well-being and harmony both within and without.  Shalom is defined as completeness, peace, soundness, tranquility, fullness, and harmony. Shalom also means the absence of agitation or discord; a state of calm without anxiety or stress.  Bruce Hurt, a blogger of http://www.preceptaustin.org states it succintly, “It is God’s word for goodness and wholeness, the gift of precious well-being.”

Oh, how much I desire to walk like this every day!  So I ask myself, how bad do you want it, girl?  Are you able to push past your negative feelings, the excuses and the unbelief to walk in wholeness and harmony?

Do you really want total and complete restoration in your life?

Will you be made whole, Tonika?

For us to walk in greater degrees of wholeness we must be willing to go through the process.  It is not for the faint of heart.  It is not for those who want to front and pretend, shuck and jive their way through (yes, I said it).

It is not for those who care more about what other people think, who cannot let go of the past, and who want to maintain some façade of control.

It is for the brave and the bold.  Those who are courageous enough and want a new life bad enough that they are willing to make the changes.

The process of walking in wholeness involves three major steps:

#1 Coming to Grips with the Brokenness

Like I have always said, in order to heal, you must first Get Real!  Get Real, Be Healed!  This means being honest about the situation.  This means gut level truth.  This means I must allow myself to feel the feelings and acknowledge the fact that I am broken.  It means feeling the pain of the holes in my soul and not trying to hide it or numb it with things, activities, addictions, etc.  It means to stop hiding and pretending to be okay when I am not.

You know, when brokenness is suppressed, it shows up as pain and dysfunction in our bodies.  It shows up in the snappy tone, impatience, irritation, and empty fatigue for no reason. It shows up in the avoidance and need to be in control.  It shows up in the over activity, hiding out, social media, overindulging in certain areas.  The list goes on and on.

Coming to grips with the brokenness and taking a time out to assess where you are emotionally is the first step to walking in wholeness.  The best way to do this is seeking God instead of Google, going to the Throne instead of the phone, talking to Jesus instead of turning on the TV.

#2 Becoming Intentional About Changing

As Dallas Willard wrote, in his book Renovation of the Heart, we must desire to be transformed and we must be intentional if we are to receive restoration in our soul. It will typically not just happen.

We can go to church all we want to. We can read the bible every day. And yet our lives still remain the same.  We want God to wave some magic wand and “poof!” all of our issues simply disappear and our minds, emotions and wills are all normal, healthy and whole. We want an instant result in our hearts and minds.

But we can’t bypass the sanctification process!   You can’t rush a resurrection!  It took time for us to get into the condition that we are in and it will take time for our minds to be renewed in order to get out.

We are told in 2 Corinthians 5:17 (AMP), that if any man (or woman!) be in Christ that he/she is a new creature (a new creation altogether) the old has passed away and behold the fresh and the new has come.

For that fresh and new to come we must be intentional about first changing our mindset and our hearts.  We must be very intentional about guarding our hearts and minds and healing the faulty beliefs, behaviors, mindsets and wounds that created the brokenness in the first place.  In Matthew 9:17, we read that you can’t place new wine in old wineskins or the skins will burst.  We want the new wine of a new life while at the same time we want to hang onto to the old raggedy wineskins (mindsets) of the past.  It will never work.

Mindset and heart level changes cannot be done in our willpower and strength.  It can only be done by complete reliance upon the grace of God.  Not our works and willpower. (Eph. 2:9)

And it takes time, a lot of it!  It is a process.  We must go thru the process before we obtain the promise!

And herein lies, the problem.  We don’t want to go through a process, so we faint and give up right at the point of breakthrough.  We give up on walking in wholeness because it is hard to get real and be healed.

#3 Keep Pressing Forward

He truly does make all things new and His desire is that we move forward. That we live again.  That we are no longer bound by anything.  God’s desire is that we walk in total shalom and freedom and it all begins in our minds and hearts.

Every moment that we are intentional about seeking God’s face, meditating on his Word and following Him as we are inspired and activated by the Holy Spirit, we are making progress.  No matter how small and how tiny the baby steps are remember — progress beats perfection every time.

In Zechariah 4:10 we read that we are not to despise not the day of small beginnings.  We are also encouraged in Philippians 1:6 that He who has begun a good work will complete it until the day of Christ.  And lastly, Paul encourages us in Philippians 3:14 that even though we may not have arrived yet, but we are to press for the mark of the prize of the high calling in God through Christ Jesus.

Let not the magnitude of the process overwhelm you.  It is a process that we will be in until we are called to Heaven to be with Him.  Until then, take your time and enjoy everything that God has for you even as you seek His face.  We are being transformed from glory to glory every single time we struggle and come through on the other side.  We are being transformed every time we become intentional about becoming whole.  Our ministries, our personal testimonies our purpose grows stronger every time we make the choice to develop and maintain our personal sense of wholeness.  Be encouraged and keep moving forward!





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4 thoughts on “Will You Be Made Whole? How to Walk Wholeheartedly

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  3. I appreciate your article, but I am writing today because I am reak and have and doing the requirements you’re speaking of. It would take tio long to share my background and blessed recovery experiences. I am not new in the Lord. Many years ago I had a Paul to Damascus experience, God wanted me and made it crystal clear with an anointing inside my car. I was discipled by a “Bible nerd” for almost a year. 10 years went by and depression started or surfaced again. Having gotton back on track, I plunged into a Recovery process, revealing my dysfunction I was not aware of. God revealed to me 2x in a vision, my injury started as a toddler, neglect. My mom a narcissus and father a rager, using me as his scapegoat for years. This is only a part of it. Bullying from teachers and kids, having noticable tale ts but not able to use, my life was miserable. Now, I am in heacy grief that my life will never begin. I have talents, gifts, vague goals, but seeI may be struggling with unprocessed trauma. I pray abd read Gods word every day but I am stuck. I recently obtained Medi-cal to seek a therapist. I cannot understand why this has gone on for decades. I try and confess sin daily to keep lines open with God. I’m scared my life is over. If you met me you’d be surprised, as I look together and polished. I live in my car and local gym for showers with my little companion, Boo Boo my dog. It’s pathetic! I have a church body, they pray for me. I understand this humbling process is necessary. My wounds had made me prickly. But I want to move on. Finding significant work is challenging, alot of rejection here. Can you advise this wounded soldier?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Jane, I am soooo very sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have not forgotten at all. Thank you for taking the time to right and share your story. For you to 1) be honest, authentic and aware of your struggles is very powerful. A lot of people cannot even do that and they numb out with addictions. I’m also thankful that in the midst of all of the trauma of your childhood that you still have an undeniable faith in God. I do believe that there is hope for your life because 1) You have God 2) you have folks praying for you 3) you are actively engaging with God to be healed. You are actually doing the right thing and as long as you are breathing and above ground there is hope. You may be down, lying flat on your back, but as long as you can look up – you can get up. Christ died and got up for you. Every wound from your childhood that has come to the surface has been revealed to be redeemed. There is a powerful testimony that will come forth from your life if you do not give up and let God do his full healing work. Look not on your outward circumstances, stay focused on therapy, prayer and being connected to your church. Wounds may make you prickly but God is able to heal those wounds. No more bandages, but deep true healing is yours to receive. God bless you Jane.


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