If you want to stay stuck in your Pain & the Past, then don’t read this…

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Yep, I said it! 

We want our outer circumstances to change but we aren’t willing to do the internal work it takes to change.  We want a new relationship but we want to show up as the same old person we were before.  So we stay stuck…

Stuck in the Pain….

Stuck in the Past…

Instead of CHECKING IN with ourselves and with God we choose to CHECK OUT…

Check out on by scrolling through endless social media timelines

Check out on hours of TV

Check out on overeating, sex, mindless activities and church/business busywork. But the pain still exists and doesn’t go anywhere….we just avoid it, numb it, hide out, and grin anyway like we’re okay.

Been there. Done that.  And I got 49 T-shirts too.

However, I am on a continuous journey of forever getting real and being healed ALL the time so I can’t stay in that state forever…

And like me, if you are really serious and READY to #GetRealBeHealed and move from PAIN2POWER then I strongly encourage you to join me on this series of conference calls by myself and my fellow sister-in-Christ certified HISCoach Christina Saunders! We will dig deep into the issues that we have struggled with and are actively healing and overcoming from (yes, I still go thru, I’m still in process for real) and that tend to hold 99.999% of people back from truly walking in peace, power and purpose such as the:

  • Inability to forgive self from past mistakes, guilt, shame, still recycling the same thoughts over and over again.
  • Still reacting and living from the place of being abandoned, rejected or betrayed.
  • Unworthiness
  • Soul ties — still emotionally and spiritually bonded to past lovers and other people no longer in a relationship with.

And so much more, you don’t want to miss this series of calls so Mark your Calendars NOW!!

In His Grace,



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