Pain2Power: Bitterness Makes You Ugly.

Definition of bitter:  angry, hurt, or resentful; aggrieved; begrudging; spiteful; sullen, sour; petulant; peevish; full of anger; nasty – “nice-nasty”; painful, unpleasant, disagreeable; a chip on one’s shoulder; holding a grudge…


Bitterness is fermented unforgiveness. – Dr. Gregory Popcak

It’s that sunken feeling of anger, resentment and disgust over someone or a situation. You can think you have forgiven someone just because you haven’t seen them in a while but then you see them and hear their voice and you get that anxious, weird feeling in the pit of your stomach…

Any of this sound familiar?

I’ve been this way on several occasions and seasons where I was wronged and very hurt by someone I loved and trusted.  And put on my fake friendly face too and sincerely loved God and wanted to do the right thing but it was soooo hard because I had this in my heart.

The bitter heart eats its owner. – Unknown

How many of us know that a man or woman walking around like this in heart over a past situation is repelling love no matter how much he or she wants to be married or have a relationship?

We are back in with our Pain2Power Series with my girl, Christina Saunders taking the lead on this powerful discussion. We gotta grow up and let go of this emotional mess and resentment that’s blocking our blessings. I’m right here with you learning and growing myself!


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