Break UP 2 Break THRU – TWO (2) Complimentary Class Passes Available! & Special Guest


Christina and I have been working behind the scenes to create a special, sacred and safe class for like-minded women who have just endured a break-up and who are serious moving forward in their lives.  Similar to   – Pain2Power – goes deeper and does require a minimal Investment. It’s Worth it!!! This is an opportunity to INVEST into your soul level healing by receiving training and understanding to move forward!!  We also have a special guest, Author & Speaker Teresa Renee Hunt!!! She will be participating with us in our Break Up 2 Break THRU Masterclass as special guest speaker and will share her personal testimony in one of our sessions from her book Positioned to Be Found!! She is full of wisdom and practical insight on relationships and getting in alignment with God FIRST and you don’t want to miss her…Check her book out at  or visit her website here.

We are also giving away TWO (2) COMPLIMENTARY CLASS PASSES to the Break Up 2 Break THRU Masterclass!!!! To take advantage of this opportunity complete this brief survey link  .  We want to hear what YOU NEED and what’s going on in YOUR HEART &, YOUR STRUGGLES ….This masterclass is intended to be a SAFE, SACRED and NO JUDGMENT ZONE to help you finally have a CLEAN break from the chaos and move forward without the REBOUNDING ! #BreakUP2BreakTHRU #Closure #Clarity #NoChaos #NoConfusion

BreakUp2BreakTHRU Masterclass Relationship Survey

In this Masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Gracefully disconnect from relationships that create internal anxiety and chaos
  • Receive healing, clarity and closure for yourself
  • Get back on track with purpose and destiny
  • Positioning, Preparation & Wisdom on how to love again

You will receive on this 4 week Journey:

  1. Four (4) Live Coaching/Teaching Trainings PLUS a Saturday Morning Coffee Chat on 10/29/16 on:
  • How To Handle Your Break-Up With Dignity & Self-Worth (No More Rachet Break-ups!)
  • Getting Real, Be Healed & Move On – Receiving Closure & Clarity, Breaking Soul Ties
  • Prepared & Positioned to Be Found – Whole & Healthy Romance Pt. 1
  • Whole & Healthy Romance – Pt 2 Emotional Mastery, Love Addiction/falling in Love too easy, Discernment
  • The Must Haves for Husband Material – Signs of the Unhealed King/Good Man who is not ready
  1. Special Guest speaker – Teresa Renee Hunt, Author of Positioned to Be Found who will dive deeply into her testimony and we will have special discussion on dating and marriage readiness.
  2. An Electronic copy of Get out of that Dead-End Relationship NOW! A Christian Woman’s Guide on How to Get Real, Be Healed & Move on by Tonika Breeden
  3. An Electronic copy of 5 Steps to Breaking Free of  Soul-Ties Workbook by Christina Saunders
  4. Three (3) 1.5 hour audios of Full, Free & Favored Woman of God Course Package including pdf outlines.
  5. Journaling activities, live Facebook group for discretion, safety and accountability, weekly Q&A and much more!

To sign up go to
Forward to someone who may need this and stay connected….

In His Grace,



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