The Biggest Lie I Believed


The Biggest Lie.

When I asked myself during my quiet time “What is my deepest belief?” The answer immediately came: “I don’t have enough time.”  It is a root of shame from time lost in dead-end relationships and poor decisions from the past.  It’s the self-imposed pressure to make up for lost time and to not waste any more time on fruitless situations so that I could get to the “NEXT LEVEL”.

I believe that this is one of the biggest lies and deceptions that has not only kept me, but many of us in bondage to the tyranny of the urgent.  Time is the most valuable and precious commodity I have.  It is the currency of life.  If I believe on a subconscious and soul level that I lack time, it is the deepest form of poverty and lack that there is.

The “I don’t have enough time” lie is reflected in

  • Always moving too fast to get to the next thing I “HAVE” to do
  • Impatience with myself and others (like my sons)
  • Being Busy
  • Pushing to get to the next thing on my calendar according to MY (ego) schedule
  • Wanting to be right and perfect (perfectionism)

The End Result: Overwhelm and Overload.  Because of moving too fast to get to the next thing that I feel needs to be done instead of taking the time needed to continually heal and release AS I GO, stuff tends to pile up INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY.  Just like I can walk past the mess or trash in my house to get on my laptop to “WORK,”   I can walk past the trash in my mind, my emotions and it creates drag, chaos, clutter, bondage and increased PAIN in the end when I crash and burn.

I decided that my new belief is scriptural – My TIMES are in thy hands. (Psalms 31:15).  Instead of saying “I don’t have time for this or that” now declare and decree that I have plenty of time.  I remind myself that I am a Queen and Queen’s rest but slave girls rush.  And lastly I bring to mind two beautiful quotes from Shannon Tanner – “The Devil Rushes, God Guides.  Slow down, you’ll get there faster.”

I’ve now come to realize that I am never out of time, behind time, late, or ahead of time.  That with God I am always IN TIME and ON TIME, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!  That as long as I stay connected to and aligned with my Creator — When I am in sync with The Almighty I will never run out of time or be behind time in my Destiny and Purpose.

Until next time :),



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