The Two Hidden Agendas in Your Life


There are always two agendas in operation in your life at any given time. Especially if you have the nerve to actually pursue and seek after your God-given purpose.  Think not that it will be an easy ride.

The two agendas are: 1) God’s Agenda and 2) the devil’s Agenda (or resistance as some may call prefer to call it).  Either way, both agendas utilize the exact same set of circumstances to accomplish two entirely different purposes that can have vastly different outcomes for your life.

Depending on your Belief System (also known as your BS, tongue in cheek – yes I said it), you can choose to operate from the belief that God is using your circumstances to test, develop, prepare and prosper you.

Or, if you have not taken the time to renew your mind (Belief System) according to the truth of the Word of God you can unwittingly give in to the devil’s agenda and believe that God is against you and that your life is miserable.

Let’s take a comparative look at the Two Agendas and how they function:

God’s Agenda: To Prepare, Position and Prosper You for Purpose

The devil’s Agenda: To Kill, Steal & Destroy You and Your Purpose

Your Headspace – The devil rushes. God guides. – Unknown

God uses hard circumstances, pressure, and affliction to increase your capacity to be led by his Spirit.  He wants all of us to function according to the inner knowing of our spirits as we renew our minds and heal our emotions. This is done by spending quiet time and cultivating our ear to hear His voice.  He is always calling us to quiet the loud, rampaging, wild thoughts and distractions by slowing down and getting still so that we can be healed.  He is always calling us to quietness of mind so that we can clearly hear our next moves — i.e., our daily steps or marching orders so to speak.

The devil / resistance specializes in using the exact same set of circumstances to have our minds all over the place and have us feeling crazy as if we are “losing it”.  The voice of the enemy is always loud, demanding and impatient.  The voice of the enemy is what keeps us in our feelings and emotions based on sight and not faith.  It is the voice that screams “I have to do it NOW….But How am I gonna do this/that/the other?  Why is this happening?  Oh No not again?  I can’t take this anymore…I can’t wait…I can’t stand this/that/the other?” 

It’s what is also known as the “Monkey Mind”.  The mind that jumps all over the place and can’t just be still and quiet long enough to hear God’s still small voice.  The end result — lack of focus, fear and overwhelm.

As believers, we are called to have the mind of Christ in 1 Cor. 2:16 and according to 2 Timothy 1:7, we have not been given the spirit of fear but of power, love and a SOUND Mind i.e., not a monkey mind!  If we fail to cultivate the habit of quieting our minds and posturing our ears to hear we will not receive the divine downloads we need for our daily next steps.

Your Strength – They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. (Isaiah 40:31)

God uses adverse conditions to train us on learning how to rest in Him and have a deeper level of dependency on Him and His strength instead of our egos or our flesh.  He uses hard environments in order to test our ability to lean on Him, have faith, and keep our peace even when it appears as if everything is falling apart, when you feel overwhelmed and when you are exhausted mentally and physically.  It is during these times that we come to the end of ourselves and realize we must utterly lean on Him instead of the driven, fear-based energy of the flesh which inevitably fizzles out.  We read in Isaiah 30:15 that in returning and resting in Him that we are saved and in quietness and confidence is our strength.  A resting, quiet internal confidence in God alone is what will keep us, not the frenzied, anxious activity of our own strength.

However, the devil again uses the same set of circumstances for a much more sinister purpose.  His goal is to have you so wiped out, so tired and so overwhelmed that that you are no good for yourself and your family, much less to fulfill your purpose.  If he can 1) get into your head so that you can’t get quiet enough to hear God’s voice and then 2) make you run so hard in your own strength that you can’t accomplish anything worthwhile, then he has effectively caused you to self-sabotage.   

When we are fatigued, we are too weak to fight the good fight of faith.  When we operate in the frenzy of the flesh and in our feelings instead of faith, we are more prone to error and fighting battles that are not ours to fight.

On top of that, we learn in Nehemiah 8:10 that the JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH.  If we lose our strength, we will lose our JOY.  So our enemy, is getting two for one on this.  He uses the same circumstances that God uses to train us in dependency upon Him to steal not only strength, but to also our joy. Beloved, let this not happen!

Your Calling – Many are called. But few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14) The difference between the called and the chosen is that the chosen choose to answer. – Marshawn Evans Daniels

God is a very good father.  He loves us too much to give us the answer to our prayers if we are not fully prepared to receive and retain the answers.

It would be incredibly cruel of God to give us something that would kill us, overwhelm us or cause us to self-destruct, bring shame to His Name all because the timing was off or because we didn’t have the emotional, spiritual, or mental fortitude to handle it.  It would be awful to receive something and we were not expanded enough to handle it wisely.

Therefore, God chooses to use hard circumstances and pain to grow us, to stretch us, to pull out the greatness, depth and strength that we have from within in order to expand our capacity to walk in our respective callings and the responsibility that goes along with it. 

We look at the benefits, the privileges and the prosperity connected with our calling, but fail to realize that sacrifice and responsibility that is also attached to our calling.  If we pray big and mighty prayers to be used by God and to be blessed, we must also remember that to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48)! Therefore God uses the various situations to cause us to refine and mature us for the calling.

Yet again, without a renewed mindset to perceive this grace that God provides, we will fall prey to the devil’s agenda which is to use the exact, very same circumstances to drive us away from God and to arrest and abort our calling altogether.   It’s the process that makes us who we are.  It is in the fiery pit that we come through that develops our character.  Our character, gifts and callings are not developed when we finally arrive at our “There” place, but is it developed in the messy middle or the “hell in the hallway” — the area between Point A and Point B.  This is where most people faint.  This is where our adversary is so adept at causing us to stumble, stall and stop moving in what God called us to do.

In times like these, don’t give the devil a foothold. Remember that it God has begun a good work in you and he will finish it (Phil 1:6) and don’t be weary in well-doing because you will reap if you faith not (Gal. 6:9)!

As you go forth in your daily life, always remember that there are two agendas in operation behind the scenes all the time.  It’s up to you to keep you mind renewed and make the intentional choice to see the handiwork of God’s agenda in your life and not the agenda of the enemy.  Continue to go forth knowing the God’s plans are always for your ultimate good and not evil – to bring you to an expected end (Jer. 29:11).

Until next time,

Tonika B.


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