Get Out NOW! + Special Pain2Power Training Call for Those Who Desire Marriage

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you may be recuperating from a food coma as I am!

I hope and pray that you had a wonderful time of Thanksgiving fellowship with your family and friends.

As you go about today (for many of you that means SHOPPING remember those sisters, girlfriends, and daughters who may be entangled in a toxic relationship or who desire to get married but are still thinking like a date or a girlfriend instead of a WIFE (there is a distinction) keep my book as an idea on your gift list!

For $7 you can obtain an electronic pdf of by book for you can receive a personally addressed paperback for only $12.95.  Click here to check it out!

Upcoming Event – Pain2Power – Special Training Call for Those Who Desire Marriage

Always know that everything I do, I am either 1)  walking it out and learning myself or 2) I’ve already gone thru it.  To that end, we are back with a special class for those of us who no longer want to waste time, emotional and spiritual energy in relationships that turn out to be a dead-end.  

Neither are we interested in idle dating for dinners and conversations, for male attention, to be seen, cuddled, etc. There is a time and place for everything, but times are accelerating and winding up.  We don’t have time to keep doing this.  Time to move from the dating merry go round, girlfriend, hanging out mentality to the wife mentality. Time to get serious about doing what God called you to do.

We are ready to be wives for men who are ready to be be husbands. We want to be women of purpose married to men of purpose who are healed from the past and truly ready.

Be on the line Tuesday, November 29th at 7pm EST for a lively discussion with Teresa Renee Hunt – Educator, Mentor, Author of Positioned to Be Found will be teaching us on Whole & Healthy Romance, Dating Readiness and what it takes to be positioned to be found for a REAL Marriage of purpose and being a wife (she is now married).  Be on this call!!


Call In #: 712-775-7031

Passcode: 179148


In Him,



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