Don’t Personalize the Process


It’s just a process.  Don’t take what you are going through Personal.  Don’t take the problems personally.  A lot of times the reason why it’s so hard is because we have internalized and personalized the problems in a negative way that makes us feel “less than” or “not enough”.  When the truth be told, we are doing way better than we think we are.  When the truth be told, its simply God answering our prayers and grooming us for greater.  Always remember, for every prophetic word, every truth and intuitive word dropped in your heart, that it there is a TEST and a PROCESS coming to PROVE THAT WORD.  It’s the PROCESS that PERFECTS us.  We win the battles while we are in rehearsal.  We win the games while we are practicing.  90% of your discipline, character, fortitude and strength are developed behind the scenes when you are struggling, stumbling and questioning yourself but because you believe in that dream —  you believe in that vision, you keep on going.  The remaining 10% is the end result (the stuff we put on social media haha).  The process MAKES us, but it doesn’t DEFINE US.  The Process is what Perfects us, but we don’t have to Personalize it.  Your identity is not tied up, wrapped and bound in the Pain and Problems of your process!  Your true identity is who you are a as a Child of God, not your Process or Your Problem #Process #Purpose #Pain2Power #Pain2Purpose #Preparation #DontTakeitPersonal


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