The 5 Deadly “I’s”



The crux of the gospel is to redeem, reclaim and restore our broken identity.  When we fail to truly embrace our place as Sons and Daughters of God and accept the fact that we are whole, accepted and outrageously loved by God – thus totally free to walk in our purpose, but instead try to prove and perform our way into love and purpose — we will remain broken.  A broken IDENTITY leads to deep rooted INSECURITY which manifests itself as self-doubt, overcompensating to feel good around others, being a control freak, the list goes on…INSECURITY leads to feelings of INADEQUACY— that deep sense of being less than and not good enough.  Being around a confident person who is flowing in their purpose will cause a person struggling with feelings of INADEQUACY and INSECURITY to have VAIN IMAGINATIONS– “they think I’m this or that, they don’t like me, they did/said this because of this/that…” and when one suffers from VAIN IMAGINATIONS, they are EASILY INTIMIDATED and become vulnerable to people pleasing, being easily offended and fearful.  Trust me, I know!  Let’s get our identity Rooted, Grounded, Fixed & Founded in the Love of GOD FIRST before trying to jump on the 2017 Goal Crushing Hustling Bandwagon and then peter out because we are not deeply rooted within ourselves. #Identity #Insecurity #Inadequacy #VainImaginations #Intimidation  #GetRealBeHealed #HealFirstThenHustle or #HealWhileYouHustle


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