The relationship is over but you are still thinking about what happened…

Sometimes, if you are like me, you get stuck. You get stuck re-playing the wreck.  Just like on those news feeds on TV, where they replay the scene of an accident or crime scene over and over again.

And we often, go back and pick through the garbage, the details, the memories, the conversations, and on and on and on of what happened and we get stuck.

I’m here to help you get unstuck out of the rewind and replaying the wreck pattern!!

This is YOUR opportunity to receive clarity, a different perspective or an actual action plan or strategy to take away that can help you navigate this healing season.

Perhaps all you need is one key nugget, one point that can make the shift.  Perhaps you need to hear someone who can see it totally different from the way you see it because as the saying goes, you can’t see the picture if you are the frame!

Join us tonight on this special class. You have nothing to lose as it is FREE and it’s time to SHOW UP FULLY FOR YOU. If you have recently ended a relationship or know in your heart you need to end it, get on this call as Christina Saunders and I share on: how to get real, be healed and move on without shame, how to release your Ex out of your heart and mind, how to stop worrying if they found someone else “better”, and how to pick up the pieces of your life and get back on track with your purpose.  Join us Tuesday, January 24th – 7PM EST Call 712-775-7031, Code 179148 — Share this in your networks! #ItsTimeToShift #Relationships #Love #NoRebounding #Empowerment #SelfLove #Purpose #Peace #Pain2Power2Purpose #Growth #Healing #NoRegrets #MoveOn #DestinyIsCalling




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