That relationship ended 5 years, 1 year, 6 months ago or last week.



Are you are still ruminating and re-hashing over in your mind what happened?  Scrolling thru your phone looking at pics and old text messages? Still waking up with that person on your mind? Having dreams about him or her?

How much of your emotional and mental energy is going back to that same old situation instead of into your PURPOSE & DESTINY? Listen to this powerful call on So You Ended It, Now What?  Learn practical ways to move on and get out of the OLD STORY of that Relationship so that you can move forward in your purpose and future!

You can call to listen to the replay at:

Playback Number:

(712) 775-7029

Access Code:


Reference # 18

Or Click here to listen via the web


**JOIN US NEXT TUES 1/31/ at 7pm est for a special Guest Relationship Coach G – Rachel Shanae for an on fire discussion topic: GROUND RULES FOR DATING, RELATIONSHPS AND BREAK—UPS IN THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA.. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS CALL.  HOW MUCH DRAMA, FOOLISHNESS AND OVERALL RACHETNESS HAVE YOU SEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA WITH REGARDS TO BREAK-UPS. We are going to have a hot discussion on this one!!!

**First in the know about upcoming opportunities to support and activate you in your purpose and calling especially if you are in relationship transition  Very excited about what Im getting ready to roll out – coming soon.. I have something very big coming down the pipeline for those of you were are ready to take the leap in walking in purpose instead of hiding out in the past playing small.

****Those of you in the local Raleigh Durham areaof North Carolina, I am having Special GetRealBeHealed Purpose Activation Meeting up on 1/28 for info.  Go to and search for my meet up for more information and to sign up to connect with me in person and learn more about getting back on track with your purpose after ending a relationship


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