Ground Rules for Dating, Relationships & Break-Ups in the World of Social Media





Because of social media, relationships can become quite challenging.  We see a lot of drama, romantic oversharing, TMI, and general, shall I say “rachetness” when it comes to navigating relationships.

Genuine, godly relationships should have healthy boundaries, respect and privacy — private NOT secret.  Not everything about our close relationships need to be on display.  It’s not always healthy to document every relationship milestone.  It’s not always okay to be very public about our love lives. Romantic oversharing can be deadly to a healthy relationship.  Social media has changed the landscape and the way we live our lives. Logging on to social media used to be a past time, but now it has become a permanent fixture in the very fabric of our lives from the way we do business to the way we conduct ourselves in relationships.

What happens on social media when your relationship status changes and you break up?  We see people stalking, inboxing, getting upset over members’ the opposite sex commenting on their significant other/boo/bae/spouses posts and the list goes on?  What is the proper way to conduct ourselves in a courtship relationship leading to marriage and regular dating?  It’s not quite as easy as it used to be back in the day before Facebook and Instagram!

Join us on this call and learn how to navigate, keep healthy boundaries and maintain privacy (NOT secrecy) in a healthy, God-honoring relationship. If the relationship ends, learn how to do it in a healthy and discreet way without the whole world knowing.  January 31st @ – 7PM EST  / 6PM CST Call 712-775-7031, Code 179148 #SocialMedia #Dating #Relationships #Love #HealthyLove #MatureLove #Wisdom #BreakUps #Couples #Purpose #Peace #Pain2Power2Purpose #Growth #Healing #NoRegrets


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