Join Us Tonight – Navigate your Relationship on Social Media Wisely!

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Would be very curious to know how folks felt about #1 in the marriage pledge!!  Numbers 2 and 3 are a no-brainer if you expect to establish trust and have a real relationship.  Your thoughts??

Solid, clear, mature communication is what is needed not subliminal messages or social media activity to have a healthy relationship.  If really wants to be in a true relationship with you, they will reach out to you and talk to you. If you are having struggles in this area — watching someone and you KNOW they are online but they won’t respond to your text, be on this call tonight with Relationship Expert Rachel Gilmer. TONIGHT, TUESDAY 1/31/17 @ 7PM EST  / 6PM CST Call 712-775-7031, Code 179148 #SocialMedia #Dating #Relationships #Love #HealthyLove #MatureLove #Wisdom #BreakUps #Couples #Purpose #Peace #Pain2Power2Purpose #Growth #Healing #NoRegrets



5 thoughts on “Join Us Tonight – Navigate your Relationship on Social Media Wisely!

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  2. Harsh reality for a lot of couples (married or otherwise) is that people, “do” have something to hide. Innocent flirtations or entertaining guilty advances…that direct messenger will tell a lot about the status of your relationship. People in relationships often have trouble revealing the passwords to their phones let alone social media passwords. I do have faith that people will submit to rule #1, if they are truly invested in protecting the sanctity of their union. Social media causes havoc on relationships, even when there’s nothing to see. This will provide more transparency going forward. I’d do this… if I was married. Great idea.


    • Hi Jay! Thanks for your feedback and totally agreed. Social media has changed the landscape of and the way we navigate romantic relationships permanently. It takes maturity and trust to create boundaries in a healthy relationship for social media and couples must do whatever it takes to protect their union.

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      • The most difficult of tasks is to discern between what would be considered wrong in the eyes of your mate and what’s right. That’s why communication is key here. We need to ensure we are having those tough conversations with each other that a lot of couples avoid. Even when it’s uncomfortable, we need to talk about it. Ask those questions, give those answers and come to a mutually agreeable conclusion. I’d have no problem giving my fiance or wife the passwords to my social media accounts as long as we set parameters beforehand.

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  3. Exactly it’s the tough conversations that bring the greatest intimacy and growth. Relationships tend to expose us — our paenter will always mirror back to us our issues. So any immaturity in communication and trust issues will crop up real quick with social media and same here, nothing to hide. Partner can have passwords.


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