Surrender to the Season: The Timing of Love & Purpose


“To everything there is a season, and a time to every PURPOSE under the heaven.” Eccl. 3:1

It’s all about the timing.

Some of us are in between relationships. Some of us are in a relationship that is struggling.  Some of us want out.  Some of us want in.  Some of us don’t know what we want.  Some of us are SO READY to be in a relationship.  Some of us have given up altogether and have decided that its better to be alone.

No matter your status or situation, learn to trust God’s timing. Surrender to the current season of healing, preparation, and most importantly – your PURPOSE.  If you are pursuing relationship to fill a void, to meet an unmet need BEFORE you pursue PURPOSE, the timing will always be off and out of alignment.  Why? Because PURPOSE PREVAILS.  Always.

God is sovereign and knows all about you, why you are here and what he created you on earth to do.  He knows the right Purpose Partner at the Right Time and the Right Season for manifestation. Seek Him First.  A relationship out of timing and out of purpose is not a blessing but a curse!  The right person at the wrong time is painful. Why? Because we haven’t adequately healed or prepared in purpose and won’t act/interact/show up fully and properly in the relationship.  Trust God’s Timing. Surrender to the Season and most of all seek Purpose!

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