You Are Not Waiting on God.


God Is Waiting on You.


Waiting for him to finally pop the question or get his act together so you can finally move forward…

Waiting for God to send #Bae or #Boo so that you can finally get married…

Waiting for another prophetic word of confirmation about your business or ministry…

Waiting for things to be “just so” and for ALL conditions to be perfect…

Waiting for certain, particular individuals to put their stamp of approval on your dream/calling/purpose…

Waiting on more money to come (but you can do a WordPress blog for FREE, you can load to YouTube for FREE, you can do a live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope for FREE, you can get a professional flyer on for $6, you can start writing the book for FREE now, you can create your own memes and quotes for FREE)..

But You Still Want to Wait.

The reality is you are not waiting on God or anyone else.  It’s you. God is waiting on you! And if you are waiting on God are you waiting the right way or are you waiting the wrong way?  How we wait determines the weight of glory that is to come!  Waiting on someone else (like #boo or #bae before pursuing purpose) = #wrong. Waiting for approval of others = wrong.  Waiting for a trumpet blast, 3 angelic visitations and 3 different prophetic words and all conditions to be perfect before you step out = wrong.  Praying, studying the Word of God and following that still small voice = right.  Choosing to believe in the Word you heard and taking action, even if small = right.  Learn any lessons, correct and move forward = right.

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In His Grace,




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