Waster. Spender. Investor. Which One Are You? – It’s Not Just Money. It’s Destiny.


Waste: to use carelessly with no purpose.

Spend: to use up or exhaust.

Invest: to devote one’s time, effort, or energy to something with the expectation of a worthwhile return

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Ephesians 5:15-17

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. – Ps. 90:12

There is no in between.  In some areas of your life you may very well be a waster.  In other areas, you simply spend out.  In yet another area, you choose to invest.  But what about The Important Things  — like Your Purpose and Your Relationships.  Are you a Waster, Spender or an Investor? Do you value your time? Do the people connected to you value your time and do you value theirs? People who do not value their own time, energy, resources and purpose, certainly will not value yours either!  Men & Women of Purpose are not wasteful with their time, energy, and resources on fruitless relationships, endeavors or situations that drain and do not sustain.  Neither do the use up and spend out all of their time, energy and resources in these things without counting the costs.

  • Spend – watching TV
  • Invest– Reading an inspirational, motivation, informational book
  • Spend – hanging out with people who are not doing anything, messing around, not about purpose
  • Invest – cultivating relationships with people of purpose about the things of God
  • Spend – in a romantic relationship that is a dead-end, draining you  just to say you have someone, because you are lonely, want to be held, but you know he/she is not God’s best.
  • Invest – cultivating a relationship with yourself and healing/ordering your life being alone for a while to focus on purpose
  • Spend – scrolling on Facebook and Instagram for hours on end
  • Invest time – building your own brand on social media by creating posts to inpire others.
  • Spending – Ruminating and rehashing the event that hurt you so bad,  staying stuck, replaying the wreck over and again
  • Investing – Getting coaching or counseling, praying about it.

What are you doing?

Do what you need to do to invest in yourself—- take a course, read a book — develop you!! Develop your potential skills, talents gifts instead of WASTING or SPENDING TIME.

Sometimes we will do emotional spending to pump ourselves up — handbags shoes, new weave (nothing wrong with these things). We can spend hundreds and thousands on these items but balk at purchasing a training course or books or hiring a coach.  We spend to decorate the outside, but inside we are still poor because we lack PURPOSE on the inside. Self-care is not conspicuous consumption. Self-care is investing in maintaining God’s temple along with increasing in His PURPOSE for your life.

Be a man or woman of purpose.  Men and women of purpose have made an Intentional and Wise Decision to INVEST their time, effort, energy and resources in people and places, God ideas and God Ordained relationships.  People of purpose only invest their life force in relationships and activities that will reap a harvest and create profit over the long haul not just for themselves but for many. Purpose is an Investment.  Relationships are Investments. The Kingdom is an Investment. Be an Investor not a Waster or a Spender! #Purpose #Investor #MyLoveMyPurpose #Relatonships #HealthyRelationships

For more information on how to get activated in purpose go visit bit.ly/mylovemypurpose.


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