Check In & Reminder: You are Loved for Everything You ARE & Everything you are NOT!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted (my son caught the flu, then I caught the flu …life just happened)…..and I’ve had a lot going on but wanted to remind you of one very important thing – God Loves You. Yes, he really does love and accept you for EVERYTHING that you are and EVERYTHING that you are not.  It’s a matter of whether or not you choose to believe it.

And I want you to ask yourself one question – Do ALL of my choices, commitments, behaviors, actions, beliefs show that I love myself and the God that created me?  (the food I eat, how I spend my time, the people I hang with, the relationship I am involved with, etc., how I take care of my body, etc.)

Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.”

I’ve taken a hard long look at myself and realized that I could not honestly state that all of my choices and behaviors, reflected that I truly and deeply accepted and loved myself. I still have work to do.

We all do.

Which is why I am committed to my own personal healing journey and growth and while I am at it, I’m bold enough to bring others with me, not hide out in shame or fear but engage the gifts God gave me to help others. Are you?  Are you walking in and living in your truth and purpose?

Check me out on go to (the photo above is a listing of what I did last week) to check out my scopes on these topics. Download the app on your Android or iPhone so that you can be notified when I go live and we can chat!  This coming week, I plan to speak on:

  • Stop Running. Make An Appointment With Your Pain.
  • Unhealthy ME + Unhealthy HE = Unhealthy WE
  • In a Fresh, Hot New Relationship? Crushing on someone? 3 ways to Stay Grounded in Reality So You Don’t Get Burnt

Also, I will be publishing a few of my microblogs out on Instagram too to this blog later in the week, you might want to follow me there to get caught back up.

And be sure to stay connected if you are ready to take steps to walk in purpose but you are tired of all of the noise about platforms, empowerment, passion, writing your book, blah, blah, etc. and you just need support in taking those baby steps.  I’m connected to a global group of amazing people who are ready to move forward in their purpose and I’d love for your to come join us… so stay tuned.

Quote of the Day: Treat your body like someone you love, lives there.




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