In Love? In Need? In Lust?

Some of these “situationships” we find ourselves in are not based or rooted in true love.  Sometimes we come into relationships because we are “In Need.”  In need of validation.  In Need of acceptance.  In Need of being noticed.  In Need of attention from the opposite sex.   In Need to feel wanted or to feel good about ourselves.  In Need to fix/help/heal someone to prove that we are valuable and worthy because we have been rejected.  In Need of security because we are so insecure. In Need to have somebody just to have somebody.  In Need because of being lonely. In Need to show that we are good wifey material or that we could be a good husband. Sometimes it’s just pure In Lust, plain and simple.  In Lust because of church/religious expectations to be married in order to have sex without guilt. In Lust because of being horny. Let’s get clear and learn what true love is, which is not something you “Fall” into and neither is it just pure emotion.  God IS love and He cannot be reduced to a mere emotion or transient feeling.  Love is an intentional, sacrificial decision to love someone in spite of their faults and all in full maturity and knowledge of who they are when the butterfly feelings and the attraction dies down.  #Love #Relationships #Maturity #GetRealBeHealed #Neediness #Attraction #SelfLove #Empowerment #PersonalDevelopment #RealLove #relationships



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