The Inability to Trust

When you woke up this morning (if you paid your light bill) you trusted that the electric company provided you with electricity to see and get ready for the day.  When you drove to work today, you trusted that the driver of the car behind you would hit the brakes in time to not rear-end you.  You also trusted that the cars would act right at the intersection and obey the traffic lights.  You trusted that your employer would make the direct deposit of your paycheck.  You trusted your co-worker to follow through on a task that needed to be done for the big project. Trust is essential for us to live in society or we would have complete chaos. How come it is soo hard to trust again in relationships, ministry and business?  What happens to us when we hurt so deeply and so badly that we cannot trust again?  Check out my broadcast on Periscope TV as we tackled the 3 ways the inability to trust hinders us in Relationships, Business, Ministry & Purpose — click


One thought on “The Inability to Trust

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