Need to Let Go of the Past and Live with Purpose?

Does stress ever get you down? Do you wish you listened more to God and less to fear? Do you struggle to let go of the past? Do you wish you lived your purpose?

You are not alone!  I want to introduce you to my friend and colleague Laney Houser, MA, MPL. Laney has been to the bottom of the pit and lost everything marriage, career, family, home, business…literally everything! Then, she participated with God and over the next few years she watched Him miraculously restore her life, marriage, career, family, everything lost was redeemed to more than amazing, God style!

She has a thing or two to say about learning to let go of the past, living into her God given purpose in love and freedom. And, she’s so enthusiastic about helping people live free that she has created an online speaker series called, Learn to Dream Again: Let Go of Your Past and Live Your Purpose with Passion.

She set out to learn how other people learned to live into their God given purposes in spite of life’s setbacks, so she has interviewed over 20 leading experts (myself included!) who reveal how they learned how to step into their God given purpose, take risks and live with freedom and joy.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend this event and you can register here for free:

Learn To Dream Again<<< Join Us Starting May 15

When you go to the link above and reserve your spot on this free series, you’ll be learning:

  • Practical steps to step into the purpose God has for you
  • Concrete strategies you can use to build a life you love
  • How to have healthy relationships
  • How to hear God’s voice and step into your life with faith
  • Inspiration to move from thinking about your dreams to doing them
  • How to get published as an author

Chances are, you have put off taking intentional time to restore and reflect on your dreams…I’m inviting you to slow down pause and rediscover yourself and what is most important to you.

Laney is passionate about helping people live into God freedom and joy. I am honored to join her in this project because it is something I am passionate about too.

Sign up here to reserve your spot:

Let’s Dream Together <<< Reserve Your Spot Here

I’m so looking forward to this event. Not only am I speaking, but I’ll be attending the other interviews as a listener, too … I don’t want to miss a thing!

Here’s to living like we are loved and free!!

With Love,

Tonika to claim your seat beginning

P.S. Learning to live your purpose is so important! But, if you don’t have the emotional tools you need to have great relationships and live into that purpose chances are you’ll have a hard time living your dreams. Sign up here and join us and learn how Let Go of Your Past & Live Your Purpose with Passion.

Learn to Dream Again<<<< Go Here To Join Us


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