If You Want To Be Healed, You Must First Get Real – Checking In

I have been remiss to blog lately!  I’ve had a lot going on (and so have you I’m sure) but still it’s no excuse!

We are all (self-included) on the journey to getting real and being healed.  Healing happens in layers.  In the process, remember above all things – regardless of you circumstances you are worthy to be loved, cherished and understood in your romantic relationships.

Anything less, is a choice that you are allowing. So, ask yourself, what is it about this situation that no matter how jacked up it is, that I choose to stay?  What am I denying and refusing to deal with? What is it costing me to stay in this?  What is the cost (other people’s opinions, money, time lost, the children, etc.)  to end it?  Why am I willing to pay the price of keeping my heart diminished for years instead of paying the price to heal and be free?

Remember that.  Next up — Two Things

Running on a Broken Heel – Heart & Sole Weekend – Charlotte, NC October

I am super excited to a part of the Running on a Broken Heel Movement and the amazing Heart & Sole Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 13-14.  I will be there to share and teach on the topic of “Soul Ties” during the Saturday morning workshops.  Make plans NOW to attend, check out the flyer below and click the link to purchase your tickets.  It promises to be a sold out event as the Running On a Broken Heel events always are!!!

Click here: Https:/ROABHHeartandsole.eventbrite.com

GetRealBeHealed Christian Life Coaching Now Available.

Part of why have I have been missing in action is the fact that I have now an official certified Christian Life Coach and HIScoach™ !! Yes, I am now a Certified Christian Life Coach and have been actively engaged in positioning myself to serve in a higher way.  If you are in need of one-on-one coaching in your relationship or overall life situation, I’m here to help!  I am still offering complimentary (aka – FREE) thirty minute clarity sessions on any issue of your heart that you are struggling with.  If you are interested in scheduling a sacred time to connect and share what’s going on in a discreet and safe place, send an email to tonika@tonikabreeden.com with the SUBJECT LINE as “Talk2Tonika Session”.  These sessions are 30 minutes via phone.

Stay connected and you will be hearing from me again, very soon!

With Love,



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