When The Queen Is Ready, Her King Will Appear

Are you ready? (p.s. for my brothers and Men of God who are on this blog, please read and pass on to your sisters !!)

That is the higher question.

I listened to a live call this past Saturday morning that was very powerful and there so many things that really resonated with my spirit but too much to share in an email, but I will share a few brief nuggets.

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When we carry the negative expectation of being disappointed by a man because of our past experiences (our father wounds & disappointments, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, ex-fiancés), we prove ourselves right and set ourselves up to be disappointed.

When we have lived a life of being:



Unsought for.

We cover, hide, make excuses and pretend.

We are operating in the emotional environment of disappointment.  We attract what we expect – more disappointment.

A Queen has positioned and prepared herself by opening her heart to God first, learning how to receive from God first and then she can trust and receive from a man again.  It’s called having an open heart, not a hard and closed heart. We can verbalize that we trust God, but our actions (mindless dating and dinners, casual sex here and there, fruitless activities, busyness, and numbness) say something else.

Disappointments, hurts, traumas and dramas keep us in a protective mode, a spirit of disappointment and a negative expectation that overrides our prayers and keep us in learned helplessness “waiting on Boaz”.  That is not the way of a Queen!

A Queen intentionally develops into her personal state of wholeness and worthiness.  She is about purpose.  Why do we deeply desire marriage before we have even discovered why God put us on this earth for– our purpose?

Why get connected to a man while you are still broken and starving for love? Why?

When you find a man and get married in this state of mind it is always painful.  Especially, when years later you come realize your true life purpose, but alas the man you are married too is not in alignment and you are not able to flow in what God called you to do.

A Queen is already in her flow.  She is in position, wholehearted, open to love and purposeful when her King appears.

This means releasing and healing from those negative disappointments and expectations.

This means opening your heart and being able to trust again.

This means expanding your capacity to receive.

Oh and by the way, this all affects your finances too.

As long as we are frustrated, disappointment in the romance department or greedy and inpatient for money, we are blocked up.

Love and financial increase requires being stretched to receive. It requires the ability to be whole and to take risks.  It requires trust and stretching.

This means that there will be discomfort.  This means trusting God more.  This means healing the old trauma, dramas and wounds.  This means letting go of disappointments, pride and unworthiness that make your heart hard instead of open. It requires a willingness to exercise faith and do the heart and emotional work.

That is the problem also.  We like quick fixes and we do not want extra work.  So we distract ourselves with our phones, social media, TV, our kids and whatever else.  Anything but work on our purpose.

Do not ask God for the new, when you are still stuck in the old spirit and the old energy of still “waiting”, being disappointed and frustrated.  Don’t ask for nothing new when you keep staying too busy with fruitless activities far away from your purpose.

The moment you make a choice to get back on track with your purpose you are that much closer to being in position for your King.  The moment you decide to let go of the trauma, drama and disappointment of what your father or your ex did and all the others, that is one moment closer to your king.

When the Queen in ready, her King will appear.

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