Stay the Course!



Scattered focus. Scattered energy. Scattered effort. Remember what God first whispered into your spirit at the beginning of the year regarding your healing, your relationships and your life? You know, that thing?  It hasn’t changed.

Definition of  scattered: dispersed, disorganized, random direction and distribution, i.e. – All over the place.

Let not the distractions of life, other people’s agendas, good ideas vs. God ideas, and that one person that you got your eye on (or who you suspect has their eyes on you) get you scattered and off course.

Like the old cliché goes – It’s not how you start, but how you finish.  You started the year well.  You made it through February, the month of love and now we sit here on the cusp of spring.  This is a call to remain grounded, guard your heart and keep moving forward regardless of the distractions and counterfeits that are sure to come your way, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

Remember, your primary focus at this time is to heal your heart, walk in your purpose and be in position for the next and the new that God has for you.  Like attracts like.  So, it stands to reason that if you are scattered, emotional and at the whim of the new fresh season, you may very well indeed attract another person in the throes of the same sentiments.

You have come too far and have been through too much at this point in your life base your relationship choices out of an unmet emotional need, a need to be seen or loneliness when the weather starts to get warm.

Now, more than ever, is the time to be very intentional and strategic as we enter the pending spring season where hormones rise, activity increases, and opportunities abound to get caught up in the next bright, shiny new thing or relationship(s).

As a beloved son or daughter of God, you are deeply loved and cared for and don’t have to be caught up in the fret and fury of Spring Fever.  Here are some quick keys to help you navigate the pending spring season where nature and hormones rise and there is a general proclivity towards being out and about, looking for love and getting caught up in the excitement of a fresh love interest from a hard winter.

Get Grounded.

One of my sayings that God literally burned in my soul when I was deeply enmeshed in a dead-end relationship, walking around with my so-called “fiancé’s” deceased wife’s ring on my finger (long story, buy the book), was the phrase, “I am rooted, grounded, fixed and founded in the love of God.”  I said this to myself and out loud over and over again.  I said this when I realized everytime I looked down at my hand, the hot mess situation I was in and trying to believe God for a turnaround – that he would give me my own ring and we would be married.  I said this when I realized that my foundation was NOT rooted in God’s love but in my own romantic notions and the opinions of other people.  Stay grounded and focused in God’s love for you and who you are in Him.  Your identity and worth is deeply rooted in God — not your relationship status, your money, looks, social media likes/loves/hearts/shares.  You are worthy and you are enough. Right. Now.  Be grounded and stabilized in that.  Let God’s love be your forever foundation.

Gather Your Energy.

Where focus goes, energy flows. – Tony Robbins

And might I add another saying: What you think about, you bring about.  If your focus is scattered and very distracted, your energy will also be very scattered. If your energy is scattered, so too will be your thoughts.

Scattered energy equals a scattered and unorganized life. When we are scattered we dissipate our life force and power.  We are not able to be fully present and in position for God to expand and elevate as we so deeply desire.  When we are scattered, we can’t be trusted with greater levels of responsibility and blessings because it would likely do us more harm than good.

God loves us too much to bless us more than we can bear.

Therefore, we must become acutely aware of the people, places, problems and pursuits that drain away your energy and take our focus of what is important.  What are the time robbers and subtle distractions, (think social media) that slowly corrode away your time, energy and sometimes rob you of joy and peace?  Take a few moments this week and look at where you time and energy are going.  Is the direction or flow of your time and energy in alignment with your values and the truth that you seek to embody?

Deeper still, perhaps the question to ask is: Are the direction of your thoughts, energy and time flowing towards certain individuals mentally, emotionally and physically that you already know is not God’s best for you?

When we allow ourselves to become scattered, we are an open door for counterfeits and other unhealthy relationships. Why? Because without true focus and purpose, we will attract other individuals into our lives who are also distracted and without focus.  Remember, like attracts like.  If you are scattered and distracted, you will attract those type of people into your life.  Distracting, counterfeit relationships are one of the primary methods the enemy of our soul uses to keep us out of God’s will and best for our lives.

At this time and season, you need the full yield of all of your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental energy. You need to be in a position to effectively harness your energy so that the gifts, talents, skills and anointing of God on your life to do great things can be fully maximized.

Do whatever you need to do in order to gather, reserve and retain all of your energetic power during this season.  Your time and energy is your greatest resource and once it is gone – it is gone.  Sure, God can redeem time and replenish your energy, but He has also given us lots of common sense and is more than willing to give us the wisdom we need in order to effectively navigate our lives.

This is important because we are responsible to be wise stewards over everything that concerns us and that includes all of our energies (spiritual, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical) and all of our gifts (talents, treasures, skills). How well are you stewarding what we have already been given? Are you giving it away to people and situations that are not worthy of who you are?

Take an inventory of where you are in these areas and begin to gather yourself for the next leg of your journey.

Guard Your Heart.

Go with me for a moment and imagine that you have been invited to a white party.  There are two big dudes at the entrance of the party guarding the door.  Only those on the guest list are invited.  You are on the guest list and you are allowed entrance to the party.

Note the following:

  1. The party is open.
  2. People can get in, but;
  3. Only those with an invitation.
  4. There are guards in place who screen and keep out those not invited.

You can guard your heart the same way. You don’t have to shut down or close up your heart.  You can let people in.  But you only allow folks in who have been invited and carefully screened as a result of due diligence and prayer.

Having spring fever and wanting to be seen, to feel pretty, and to be wanted by the opposite sex is not a reason to have the doors of your heart and body wide open to any body.  Catching feels prematurely happens when you let someone in too quick without allowing things to unfold.  You are responsible to guard you heart. Catching feelings for a distraction is what happens when the heart doors are unguarded.  We guard the doors of our hearts.  The heart is always open to let love in but in the right way, with the right person in the right time. Until otherwise, it remains kept under guard.

Your emotional energy and the space of your heart cannot be wide open to everyone during this season.  Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the springs of life (Prov. 4:23).   Only the right people who qualify, who have passed the test and have been deemed as a wise choice to be in your life and in your heart should be let in.  Only those who will add to, increase, bless, empower and make you a better person should be invited into the party of your life.

Let not yourself be scattered.  Get Grounded.  Gather Your Energy.  Guard Your Heart.

And most of all – Stay the Course!!!




7 Signs You Need to Get Out of That Relationship

Are you tired of the anxious feeling in pit of stomach regarding your relationship and ready to have sustainable peace this year? Need further confirmation?  How much longer do you intend to suffer? Check out this checklist of just a few of the signs you need to cut it from the book, Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl by Natalie Lue:

From Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl by Natalie Lue

  1. The Relationship is conducted on their terms. If you attempt things your way, you are met with objections, stonewalling, going silent, disappearing acts, and open hostility.
  2. There is an absence of love, care, trust and respect.
  3. It feels like you have an addiction or compulsion towards this person and keep going back even though you consistently keep getting disappointed.
  4. They have betrayed you and broken your trust.
  5. If you have forgotten who you are, your values, boundaries, your needs, hobbies, purpose, family, friends and relationship with God.
  6. You have broken up several times for the same reasons ,but you keep going back. They promised things would change but it never does.
  7. You are the side chick because they are otherwise attached/married or have a girlfriend, OR; you used to be the girlfriend at some point, but now you are the side chick.

If any of this sounds familiar, you should consider signing up for The Closure Class, free webinar to receive tools and strategies on how to get out and stay out.  Thursday, June 22nd 8PM EST.

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Pain2Power Call Replay! How to End a Dead-End Relationship With Dignity


(pic from babyq)

We had another great Pain2Power Call – How to end a Dead-End Relationship with Dignity!

How are you showing up in Relationships?  What is your BS that is driving the pattern of your relationships (Belief System, lol) You can’t outrun or outlive your own BS! 3 top reasons why we Delay and Stay in a Dead-End, Obtaining the Courage & Clarity to end it and Getting your own Closure (without THE TALK) and much more…

Weblink : Pain2Power Playback

  • Playback Number:  (712) 775-7029
  • Access Code: 179148#
  • Ref #14

This was a powerful call… Forward this to someone who needs this information!!!

In Him,