7 Signs You Need to Get Out of That Relationship

Are you tired of the anxious feeling in pit of stomach regarding your relationship and ready to have sustainable peace this year? Need further confirmation?  How much longer do you intend to suffer? Check out this checklist of just a few of the signs you need to cut it from the book, Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl by Natalie Lue:

From Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl by Natalie Lue

  1. The Relationship is conducted on their terms. If you attempt things your way, you are met with objections, stonewalling, going silent, disappearing acts, and open hostility.
  2. There is an absence of love, care, trust and respect.
  3. It feels like you have an addiction or compulsion towards this person and keep going back even though you consistently keep getting disappointed.
  4. They have betrayed you and broken your trust.
  5. If you have forgotten who you are, your values, boundaries, your needs, hobbies, purpose, family, friends and relationship with God.
  6. You have broken up several times for the same reasons ,but you keep going back. They promised things would change but it never does.
  7. You are the side chick because they are otherwise attached/married or have a girlfriend, OR; you used to be the girlfriend at some point, but now you are the side chick.

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Pain2Power Call Replay! How to End a Dead-End Relationship With Dignity


(pic from babyq)

We had another great Pain2Power Call – How to end a Dead-End Relationship with Dignity!

How are you showing up in Relationships?  What is your BS that is driving the pattern of your relationships (Belief System, lol) You can’t outrun or outlive your own BS! 3 top reasons why we Delay and Stay in a Dead-End, Obtaining the Courage & Clarity to end it and Getting your own Closure (without THE TALK) and much more…

Weblink : Pain2Power Playback

  • Playback Number:  (712) 775-7029
  • Access Code: 179148#
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This was a powerful call… Forward this to someone who needs this information!!!

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