Do You Go To Google Or Do You Go To God?


Need tips on how to have greater self-confidence…no worries – Google it!

Need to find out information on that new degree program …research it on Google!

Struggling with forgiving your spouse for infidelity…there are thousands of articles on Google for this!

Need to understand how to overcome depression & anxiety…don’t fret or get depressed – Google it!

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The power of the internet. The ability to have boatloads of information, videos, content, and articles at your fingertips in nanoseconds. We don’t have to think too hard and neither do we have to wait.

Why wait on an answer from God, when all you have to do is go to Google? Google is quick. Google is fast. Google provides instant answers.

But, alas, with God we must wait! God is just too slow! We need an answer NOW. Therein lies the essence of the problem. To go to God and not Google, we must resign ourselves to wait patiently, sometimes a long time for the answers.

It is far easier to type your issue into the search engine box, than it is to shut down the TV, the mobile phone, the social media and the computer to sit quietly before God in prayer, praise & worship.

It is far easier to surf from article to article, blog to blog, video to video, post to post, tweet to tweet than it is to open the Bible and read it.

It’s because we are humans. We tend to take the easy way out or the path of least resistance. We would rather go to Google than to God because we can control the timing, what we click and what we choose to read. We can get an immediate response from Google and we do not have to have discipline, humble ourselves and wait.

Going to God is simple, but the truth be told, it is not really that easy. It requires discipline, consistency and a certain tenacity. If it were that easy, then we wouldn’t struggle so badly with it. If prayer and seeking God above going to Google were so easy, then we wouldn’t have so much opposition and resistance from without and within.

Why is it that as soon as you do decide to seek God that EVERY DISTRACTION in the world comes your way? Why is it that as soon as you crack open the bible, your cell phone goes off and folks that you haven’t communicated with in a while all of a sudden take a notion to text you, tag you, DM, and inbox you? Why is it that when you get in position to pray you are all of a sudden so-o sleepy and can barely stay awake, but when you are not trying to pray at all you are buck wide awake?

Going to God requires humility. It almost always means being willing to let go of what you thought you knew (if you really had the answer or the solution to your problem your life would reflect that by now). Going to God means that you have to relinquish control of your situation to Him and admit that your way is not working. This is humbling and painful sometimes, especially if you really thought you had it all figured out.

It means that you must be willing to submit to His higher ways and purposes. His ways and His purposes are always higher, bigger, better and for the ultimate and highest good of ALL FOLKS INVOLVED in your situation, not just you and your world. This sometimes is a tough pill to swallow and hard to get a handle on because of our inherent selfishness.

Going to God almost always, 99.9999% of the time requires some level of change in your mindset and emotions, i.e., GROWTH. You cannot go into His presence, seek Him out and remain the same. Receiving and walking out the answer from God, usually requires that you have a different mindset than the one you had when you came with the problem, i.e – “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it” (author unknown).

In other words, going to God requires change and growth – things that we humans typically tend to resist. Whereas, going to Google just means that we simply gather information, but do not have to change.

Finally, going to God forces us to meet and see ourselves in the silence as we wait.

Real growth happens in the quiet moments, in the silence when we are just alone with God and ourselves. Under the search engine of the Holy Spirit, our flaws, weaknesses, hurts and emotional wounds will rise to the top. The unhealed parts of us. The dark side. The parts of us that only God sees where Google’s powerful algorithms cannot access. The parts of us that need to be healed before we have the capacity and the maturity to handle the answer we are searching for.

This is where God really wants us. He wants relationship. He wants communion. He wants to give us life, heal us and bless us. Google can give thousands upon thousands of answers, but God is THE ONLY ANSWER. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Google can give you lists, but only God can give life. Google can entertain your mind, but only God can engage your heart.

When we go to Him, we go to our Creator. Our Father. He is The Source of All Truth and All Power – not Google or Bing or any other search engine for that matter (even if they appear to have all the answers and information).

So, Instead of going to Google about your relationship problem, your marriage, your career, your health, your kids’ problems, your medical condition, your distresses, your ministry, your brand, your business, worries, spiritual and emotional questions and issues – Go to God first. If He leads you to go to Google to look up something, than follow that lead. What does a lead look like?   It looks like a little inkling. A gentle nudge. A prompting. A series of coincidences such as four different people referring you to the same book to read or scripture in the Bible within the same day. That still, small voice. That is your lead for inspired action. And if that inspired action says “look it up on Google”, than by all means do so….

But first, always remember: before you go to Google – GO TO GOD!

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