Are You Going to TRUST or Are you Going to TRIP? You Can’t Do Both!


Trip: the state of acting whack; to overreact or to lose your cool.

Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

One day sitting at my desk at work, I had the thought: “It’s so much easier to trust than to trip.”

It’s easier on my spirit.  It’s easier on my soul to trust God, trust His Timing and trust His process.

Whenever I slip into “tripping”, then I run into problems.  Tripping is hard on my body.  I wreak all kinds of havoc my body when I choose to trip instead of trust.

I get that anxious pit feeling in my stomach.  I lose sleep.  I stress, overthink and worry.  Making the simple choice to literally take God at His word and simply CHOOSE to rest in Him in spite of what my reasoning mind, emotions and circumstances tell me is not easy, but it is doable.

Trusting God brings rest and revelation.

In returning and rest shall you be saved in quietness and confidence shall be your strength…but you would not…Isaiah 30:15

I love this scripture. When I choose to rest instead of fuss, fret and fume internally, I grow in confidence.  When I practice returning my thoughts to God – His goodness, His grace and His mercy, then I am able to be quiet within.   The scripture above states that in QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE shall be my strength – not in stewing and brewing about my situation.  He also said in Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God.  To know God and to receive His rest requires that we be still.

Receiving supernatural revelation on our issue also requires that we be still.  It calls for quietness of soul.  We are incapable of receiving true insight, revelation and understanding as long as our minds are overrun by wild, negative and frantic thinking.  It takes time to train our minds and our emotions to be still before God through prayer and meditation, but it is so critical if we are to learn how to trust instead of tripping.

Tripping, on the other hand, brings restlessness and regression. 

When I choose to trip instead of trust I am restless.  My mind is all over the place.  It’s hard to focus.  Instead of resting in God, it suddenly becomes easier to Google, to surf the net, scroll my Instagram and Facebook feeds or run the situation over and over again in my mind.  Whatever spiritual and emotional gains I have made previously during the times when I chose to trust, I now find that I have regressed and have to gain that ground all over again.

Trust brings Peace and Poise.

I’ve discovered that when I trust, I walk in greater levels of peace and poise.  I once read somewhere that “a peaceful mind is a powerful mind.”  I would add that a peaceful mind brings about poise.  Poise is the opposite of confusion and is marked by a calm, steadfast demeanor regardless of what the circumstances scream.  Poise is the ability to function under pressure when all hell breaks loose and to not lose your cool.  Poise is when I chose to follow wisdom and sound judgment instead of giving in to runaway emotions.    Peace and poise generate power and confidence without which, we will never attain the spiritual or emotional maturity required to walk in the blessings and grace that we so desperately desire and need.

Tripping invites powerlessness and pain.

When we chose to trip instead of trust, we invite powerlessness and pain into our lives.  A lot of our emotional pain is self-inflicted.  Even if other people hurt us, ultimately it is our response or reaction to their deed is what makes the difference in whether or not we walk in peace or power, powerlessness or pain.  It is the way we frame it and the story we tell ourselves in our heads about why they did what they did that creates the pain and the angst.  It is when we attempt to be God and read other people’s minds and motivations that we give away our own power.

We are created to trust.  We were not created to live in fear. Our bodies, our spirits our souls were created for love, trust, and freedom.  But when sin entered the world through Adam, fear and all the torment associated with it has since dominated humankind.

Where do you stand?   Are you going to trip or are you going to trust when everything falls apart?  Are you going to trip or are you going to trust when you don’t understand? Are you going to trip or are you going to trust God’s process when you are in a trial? Are you going to trip or are you going to trust when you make a mistake? Are you going to trip or are you going to trust when the consequences of the past unfold and the crazy thoughts hit your mind?  Remember that you can’t do both!  You can’t trust God, but still trip on the inside when things happen.  The only way to make it through times like this without losing your mind is a deliberate and intentional choice to trust God.

Are you going to trip or are you going to trust God today?

Be encouraged,




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When I Thought I Was God: The Danger of Fretting & Figuring


Isaiah 30: 15-17

For this is what the master, the Lord the Holy One of Israel says: “If you repented and patiently waited for me, you would be delivered; if you calmly trusted in me you would find strength, but you were unwilling…”( New English Translation)

God, the Master, The Holy of Israel, has this solemn counsel: “Your salvation requires you to turn back to me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves.  Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me — The very thing you’ve been unwilling to do…” (The Message)

I have recited these scriptures over and over again, yet I still struggle to remain at rest on a daily basis.  Some days are better than others, but for the most part, it is no easy feat to calmly trust in God when everything seems to go wrong.  When mishaps, mistakes, and misunderstandings occur.  When there is not enough money to go around.  When it seems like I am all alone.  When people act funny towards me or get easily offended.  When the kids act up.

God clearly tells me these scriptures to repent or turn back to him and calmly trust Him.  Yet, I am still unwilling.  The main way my unwillingness to calmly trust in God is manifested by choosing to fret and figure in a situation instead of calmly waiting on God for revelation.

There is a difference between calmly going over a situation in your mind and going off the deep end trying to figure it out.  You know that you have crossed over into not trusting in God when the thinking turns into fretful figuring.  This is a manifestation of a silly effort to save myself when I try to figure out something that only God can give the answer for.

The last time I checked, Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. He did not fuss and fume to figure out anything.  The only time He sweated was at the Cross when he sweated blood in preparation to die for the sins of the world.  He told us plainly to not let our hearts be troubled and neither let it be afraid (John 14:27).  He told us to stop allowing ourselves to be agitated, distressed, fearful, cowardly and unsettled.  He told us to fret not ourselves.  He lives in us.  We are complete in Him who is the Head of all Principalities and Powers (Col 2:10).  In Him we live and move and have all of our being (Acts 17:28). If all of this is true, then why do we act the opposite? Why do we let agitated and anxious thoughts take over until they take root in our souls?

It is because we are carnal human beings.  The Self, The Ego, The Flesh naturally thinks that it is God, that it can figure out something, that it can control something that somehow or another it can solve something and get the credit without God.   We want to be IN CONTROL.  It irks us to no end when we are not “in the know”, when stuff happens that we didn’t expect, what stuff takes a turn that we didn’t anticipate and we are left struggling trying to gather ourselves.  When things like this happen, we decide to do all we can to anticipate, plan, prepare and be in control of our lives, but in spite of our best made plans and preparations, something inevitably goes awry.

When stuff like this happens it HURTS.  It feels bad.  We look bad.  What will other people think? The list goes on. We don’t want to hurt again.  We don’t want to go through that mess again. We don’t want to be embarrassed.  We have our pride.  We don’t like the shame.  So we figure. We fret.  We plan. We fuss.  We think and think and think some more.  We can turn a situation around in our heads a thousand different ways.  We say a quick prayer and think we are trusting in God.  But we are really trusting in ourselves. We think we can figure out all by ourselves.  Even though we would never dare verbalize it or admit it to ourselves, our actions show that we think we are smarter than God. God takes too long to do stuff.  We can do something now.  Although we have confessed Jesus as our Savior, He is not our Lord when we still have our small weak, selves sitting on the thrones of our hearts trying to run our personal worlds as if we were the Sovereign God.

In my head I know that I am not Sovereign, yet  in my day-to-day life,  I sure think I am!  I don’t have any control over my own heart beating.  I can’t control the automatic inhaling and exhaling of my lungs.   I can’t wake myself up in the morning from deep slumber. I could easily die in my sleep on any given night and not know it.  God, however, has control over all of this in my life.  He created me. He knows my thoughts and words before I think them.  He knows the past, present and future for me. Why do I think I am smart by trying to figure out something beyond my capacity?  Why do I worry, fret, fume, and figure?  It is because I think I am God.   I still wake up in the morning and act like I’m God when I attempt to control circumstances or run my life by figuring in the flesh instead of calmly trusting that the One Who made me in the first place will order my steps.

To me the most painful part of this awareness is the fact 1) it is sin and 2) the fruit of such behavior will eventually manifest in my life as the form of lack of peace and poise.  How can we attract unsaved people to God when we have no peace? Why would they want what we got? Peace is defined as the absence of all strife or fighting within or without.  It is also defined as the absence of agitation or discord. Fretting, figuring, trying to be in control is evidence of strife, agitation and discord from within.

The biggest blessing from the times where I have surrendered is the state of peace from within. It is worth its weight in Gold.  Nothing can compare to it.  Surrendering your will to God’s will in life situations bring peace.  Peace that passes your understanding.  It is ironic that the only way to come to this level, is a slow, long process of self death.  By the time you really surrender, you are to the point where you could care less, you just want peace.  When God is Sovereign, you have Peace.  When Self is Sovereign, you have Stress. When God is truly on the Throne, there is quietness in the soul.

I realize that I will not change overnight.  It would be very easy to actually start stressing about the fact that I am unable to trust God fully and that I am probably relying on myself most of the time. Ouch.  I cannot change myself by trying figure it out how to do it.  It is a work of the Holy Spirit from within.   Therefore I continue to read this scripture further and receive comfort in knowing that when we truly settle down and rely upon Him that he ….“ longs to be gracious to (us); therefore he will rise up to show you (us) compassion.  For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him…”