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Blessings & Peace to You!

We only have a few weeks left in 2018.

In don’t’ know about you but A LOT has happened in 2018.  Some good and some not so good..,

Yet, here we are on the cusp of a brand new year.  Saying the same old stuff about how things are going to change and how you will be different year after year gets very, very old after you have endured many New Year’s Eves in your life is still pretty much the same.

Trust me, I know.

Practically speaking, the only REAL way to make any type of significant shifts, progress and forward momentum into a new year is to truly Get Real – real with yourself (the painful ugly stuff) and with God (come clean with Him) then Be Healed (take the time to do it) and then and only then can we truly expand and #Enlarge to become the men and women we are destined to be.

This is true freedom and real growth.

Often we want to pretend, fake, front, take shortcuts, be lazy, procrastinate, pretend we don’t know, we are too tired, we don’t have support, nobody likes us, nobody really cares, we don’t have the time, it is easier to watch TV, go out to eat, hang out, get entangled in dead-end relationships, be on social media ANYTHING but feeling the pain of healing.

So unless we hit rock bottom or are very intentional, we stay the same.

But this doesn’t have to be you!  I’ve partnered with a very powerful and anointed man of God, Pastor Ron Pitts out of Birmingham, AL to provide a safe space for you to DETOX from 2018 and prepare your soul, heart, and spirit to ENLARGE for what God has in store for you in 2019.

This is a FREE boot camp webinar designed to help you clear out 2018 and walk with confidence and clarity when 2019 comes in.  There may just be ONE key nugget, revelation, insight, or healing word that will create all the momentum you need heading into 2019 to make the shift!

The webinar will be held Wednesday, 12/19/18 at 7pm CST / 8 pm EST.  Two blessed and highly favored individuals who stay on the duration of the webinar will receive FREE signed copies of either my book A Woman’s Journey Home or Pastor Ron’s Book How to Respond When God Says No!


Don’t miss this powerful time of impartation, activation, detoxing and prayer!


In Him,



How to Forgive Yourself

Live like you are deeply loved right now, dear reader!

One of the biggest and most profound revelations that I had a few years ago was the simple, yet profound fact that, my faith works better, faster, stronger from a place of LIVING LOVED than from a place of condemnation and shame.

The second biggest revelation moment for me occurred when I realized I had unforgiveness towards myself that was still blocking me up.

Knowing that you are loved and living as such is the key to forgiving and releasing yourself.  The bottom line key to all transformation and growth is a deep revelation that God REALLY loves you and that your sin yesterday, ten years ago, today and tomorrow were already taken care of so that you can live F.R.E.E today.

No amount of beating yourself up or holding it against yourself will change or make anything better.

We cannot be used effectively by God if we are still unforgiving towards our self.  In the Bible, we clearly see by evidence, that Apostles Peter and Paul had to fully and completely forgive themselves in order to have the ministries that they did.

Think about it. Peter denied Christ three times.  Yet somehow, he managed to profoundly impact the world for the Gospel.  Clearly, at some point he had to decide that even though he denied the Lord and felt like a complete failure that he was still worthy enough to preach.

Look at Paul.  He was a straight murderer and hater of all Christians.  He was the chief persecutor of all times.

Yet, somehow, he managed to write over half of New Testament as we know it.  Somewhere along the way, Paul had to let go of his colorful and destructive past and give himself permission to preach and transform lives.

Therefore, you can surely let yourself off the hook too, my friend.

Release yourself form your self-imposed prison for marrying wrong, getting emotionally or physically caught up with the wrong person , engaging in sex outside of marriage, and anything else that you may have done that you still feel crushed about.

For me it was unforgiveness towards myself, resentment, pain and shame about what my young boys did to the house because I was so broken and caught up in trying to get married again instead of truly training and being present with them when they were very young (talk about guilt & condemnation!).

It was unforgiveness towards myself for all of the time I spent chasing and sweating to be married only to realize it was a big fat dead-end and I am left with chaos and struggles.  It really made me deeply mad at myself and quite undone.

All of this created soul level pain that showed up in busyness, restlessness, anxiety, frustration.  It was the root of the bitterness, unforgiveness, negativity, chaos, fear.  It was the root of the NOT ENOUGH mentality, – not worthy – not good enough, guilty and still punishing myself for something Jesus died for and then on top of all that getting resentful at people who seemed to have it more together than I did.

The Forgiveness Prayer that set me free one day sitting down at a restaurant during lunch break (it was all I could do to not burst out crying in the restaurant) and held my head down so people would not see me but that was the beginning of a deeper healing journey:

“Self-forgiveness, The key to Healing” by Tracey Burchard:

You have done things to hurt yourself and others.

So has everyone else in the world.

Realize that you have always, unconsciously run off your inner programming

So has everyone else in the world.

Based on that programming, you have always done the best you could

So has everyone else in the word.

Every baby born in this world deserves to be loved.

And you were a baby born in this world and YOU deserve to be loved too.

You have punished yourself long enough, even prisoners go free after serving time.

Forgiveness is a sign of strength and courage

Forgiveness allows me to regain my control and personal power

 After I read this and replaced the “you” with “I” in the prayer, I broke down and cried again! I also created the following affirmation that I began to say to myself every morning for almost 6 months.

I fully and freely forgive and release myself. I loose myself and I let myself go.  I let go and I let God.  The healing and redeeming power of Jesus Christ sets me free from all of my mistakes of the past, present and future and I go free to live and enjoy my life as a full, free and favored woman of God.

I encourage you, dear reader to embrace these prayers in your personal journey if any of what I am saying resonates with you.

Also, to supplement your healing journey, be sure to click here  to receive more resources in this area of emotional healing, forgiveness, worthiness, abandonment, rejection, romance, dating —- everything! Click here to invest in you.  You are truly worth it!

Love, TB

You Are Already Healed. It’s Time To Take Off The Grave Clothes.


Resurrection has already occurred. Deep down on the inside, the power of a new life, a new sense of purpose – a tangible SHIFT is in full manifestation for you.  And you know it. But you are still frustrated, stumbling around tripping over yourself.  Things don’t fit like they used too.  It’s uncomfortable, but you keep moving forward bit by bit.  There is the sense that something is off — it should be easier than this.  Why is it still so HARD?

It’s because you still have on the grave clothes of the past.  It lingers on you.   You are still wrapped up just like Lazarus was still bound in his grave clothes when, at the command of Christ, he rose from the dead.  Like Lazarus, you got up out of the dead tomb of that relationship, that marriage, that job, that certain bad situation.  Like Lazarus you are alive. And, like Lazarus, you are still bound.  Check out the scripture – John 11:43-44.  His hands and his feet were still bound.  His face was covered with a burial cloth. He could barely walk and certainly could not see.

It’s the grave clothes of the old mindset, old behaviors, old habits, old system, old model, old triggers and old emotions of The Past.  And Like Lazarus, the ONLY WAY to get out of those grave clothes is to RECEIVE HELP.  Jesus told the bystanders to Loose Him and Let Him Go!  Who is in your corner to help you unravel, unpack and take off the grave clothes, residue and ashes of that old relationship and what happened in The Past? Are you in isolation, stumbling about because of being too proud and unable to trust anyone?

You can’t continue to stumble into purpose with your hands and feet bound and your eyes covered.  You must walk firmly, steadfastly and with your vision unblocked! And the only way to do that is receive the coaching, counseling, support, training, prayer, fasting, books, journaling, study — whatever you need to get out of those grave clothes — DO IT!!!

Check out my Periscope broadcast from yesterday on this very topic at:

For more info on how to move forward after a dead-end relationship and get into purpose, go to

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