Stop the Lies. Speak Your Truth

It’s the truth that sets us free. John 8:32.  I say it’s the truth we KNOW and DO that sets us free.  I’m calling all Queens who engaged and activated in their various callings and assignments. I’m calling the ones who know what they are called to do but they are still not doing in the way that they dreamed of and the way God told them because they still are worried about what “they” think and are still trying to figure out “How” to do it….I’m also calling out those may be still struggling to regain sense of identity and your own voice after being in a bad relationship for years….

Stop the lies and pretending. It’s time to rise and remember who you really are. There are many, many things coming down the pipeline as we are getting close to the final days of enrollment for the Esther Queendom Academy founded by my mentor Shannon Evette.

The reason why I’m doing this mass push is just for that One Queen.  You may be her.  You could be that one Game Changing Woman in this world that is hiding out in being too busy, wounded and stuck in overthought to invest in yourself.

Every time you hold back and hide out, you are withholding the answer to someone’s prayer.

You are the answer.

Rise Up.

Upcoming Events!

Sisterhood Soiree With Shannon Evette: Matters of the Heart / Healing the Heart of a Queen

Essential Oils of the Bible Class with Essential Oils Practitioner Angie Ceroli and Transformative Teaching by Shannon

Sunday 4/22/18 at 3:00 pm  Durham, NC

For those in the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina, I am hosting a live event – an impromptu Sisterhood Soiree with Shannon Evette teaching live via Zoom on Matters of Heart: Healing the Heat of a Queen on This coming Sunday, 4/22/18 at 3PM EST.  I have an Essential Oils Teacher who will be presenting to us on the Biblical Oils of the Bible that Queen Esther used in her healing and beautification process as well as light refreshments and then a transformative teaching on heart issues by Shannon Evette all the way from California!!! This is absolute free and the first 15 ladies to register will receive a free beauty bag with essential oils from Shannon.  Click here to sign up today Location to be provided when you register!

Periscope Talks: The Making of a Queen: Protocols of the Palace.

Join me on Periscope this Queendom Journey discussion this week starting on Monday on @periscope for a series of transformative talks on the The Making of a Queen: The Protocols of the Palace.  Follow me on periscope for notifications when I go live!!  I will dive more into the Process, the Promises, the Positioning and the Posture of a Queen.  Download Periscope to your phone and follow me @getrealbehealed to catch me live.

Love & Money: Why Queens Need Both Webinar, Thursday 4/19/18

As women, we are MAGNETIC, we have the power to attract the right relationships, the right opportunities and the right resources. So, what happens when our BRILLIANCE is dulled by fear, a mindset of LACK or unworthiness? Join the Sacred Sisterhood’s “LOVE & MONEY: WHY QUEENS NEED BOTH” Master Class featuring special guest, 7-figure money mindset coach, Ashley Ann. Click here to register.  Ashley Ann keeps things very raw and real.  For mature women only.

Esther Queendom Academy closes 4/24/18!

I am so stinking excited to be in this academy.  I was one of the first year students last year and it was AMAZING.  So much rich, full teaching on ALL aspects of womanhood,  business, purpose, beautification, drawing close to God,  operating as a Queen and ruling in your personal domain, romantic relationships and dealing with a real King – a real Man of God as a spouse.  It is so much and I have never seen anything like it yet…. And if this sounds like something you need — click here.  I’d love to have you join me on the journey.

So many things to elevate, inform, heal and transform your life.  Just for you!

I hope to hear/see you soon.






Many special things coming up for this week.  Stay Tuned! #Queens #GetRealBeHealed #Sisterhood


It Takes A Village to Heal A Queen. Join Me.

Women everywhere are rising up. Reawakening. Remembering…

We feel it in our bones. We intuitively sense a divine call, a SHIFT. A call to GREATER.


From the hills of California to the cities of Washington, D.C., from churches to corporate,we know… It is TIME to RISE up and reclaim ourselves.

Do you hear it? The divine call? The sacred feminine whisper? The call to PURPOSE, to FREEDOM, to a depth of beauty that could only be captured through alignment with the God?

Women everywhere are feeling discontent, disconnected, overwhelmed and dissatisfied, searching and seeking for a sense of wholeness that can only be achieved through sacred community.


No longer are we threatened by our sisters’ gifts, but we understand that we are more POWERFUL TOGETHER than we ever could be alone. That the calling is seemingly impossible without a sister on outside to encourage, support, uplift, edify and co-create.

The sisterhood represents a safe place to simply BE. It’s where you can discover WHO YOU ARE through your own divine REFLECTION.

This is a sacred invitation to join a powerful collective of women, committed to RISE and receive their Divine birthrights of purpose, freedom, liberty and joy. It’s time to slow down and heal. It time to release the overthinking and striving and make room for God.

It’s also time to rise up and take back all the peace, finances, love and health that has been stolen!

It’s time to rest. It’s time to come home. It’s time to cultivate our wholeness. It’s time to walk worthy of our calling. Let’s come together so we may evolve into the anointed QUEENS we already are.

Two things:


I am doing a special series of teaching on 4 Way to Embrace Your Elevation & Evolution as a Real Queen where I will be going in depth on the Pressure you are feeling right now, your  Purpose, God’s Promise & the process to your personal Palace  at 12pm EST all week longClick here to friend and follow me and be sure to turn on the notification for when I go live!


At 1 pm EST all week (if you can’t make my teaching or if you need to soak up more) I am inviting you to join my Spiritual Mentor, Shannon Evette and my Sacred Sisterhood Circle all this week for a powerful line up of transformational teaching talks with powerful speakers on taking back from the enemy what was stolen from you, forgiveness, healing, femininity, healing your womb, purpose activation, sexuality, your calling in God, body temple wellness, and building your Queendom in business.


Because this flow has been dynamic and we have stepped up the game, the times have changed and I am awaiting new webinar links from Shannon.  She is doing a Spiritual Gangsta Series on taking Holy Action – NO MORE PASSIVITY, WANTING AND WAITING!!!  If you want to be in on this starting TODAY 1 PM EST. Click here to be on my special Queens Rising List for replays and special access.

Join me on the Journey!




When The Queen Is Ready, Her King Will Appear

Are you ready? (p.s. for my brothers and Men of God who are on this blog, please read and pass on to your sisters !!)

That is the higher question.

I listened to a live call this past Saturday morning that was very powerful and there so many things that really resonated with my spirit but too much to share in an email, but I will share a few brief nuggets.

(CLICK HERE to have access to the next free Girlfriend’s Therapy and Saturday Sisterhood sessions on Thursday 4/5/18 at 9PM EST and Saturday 4/7/18 at 11am EST  of this powerful sisterhood call on love, men, money, wholeness and being a Real Queen. Seating is limited)

When we carry the negative expectation of being disappointed by a man because of our past experiences (our father wounds & disappointments, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, ex-fiancés), we prove ourselves right and set ourselves up to be disappointed.

When we have lived a life of being:



Unsought for.

We cover, hide, make excuses and pretend.

We are operating in the emotional environment of disappointment.  We attract what we expect – more disappointment.

A Queen has positioned and prepared herself by opening her heart to God first, learning how to receive from God first and then she can trust and receive from a man again.  It’s called having an open heart, not a hard and closed heart. We can verbalize that we trust God, but our actions (mindless dating and dinners, casual sex here and there, fruitless activities, busyness, and numbness) say something else.

Disappointments, hurts, traumas and dramas keep us in a protective mode, a spirit of disappointment and a negative expectation that overrides our prayers and keep us in learned helplessness “waiting on Boaz”.  That is not the way of a Queen!

A Queen intentionally develops into her personal state of wholeness and worthiness.  She is about purpose.  Why do we deeply desire marriage before we have even discovered why God put us on this earth for– our purpose?

Why get connected to a man while you are still broken and starving for love? Why?

When you find a man and get married in this state of mind it is always painful.  Especially, when years later you come realize your true life purpose, but alas the man you are married too is not in alignment and you are not able to flow in what God called you to do.

A Queen is already in her flow.  She is in position, wholehearted, open to love and purposeful when her King appears.

This means releasing and healing from those negative disappointments and expectations.

This means opening your heart and being able to trust again.

This means expanding your capacity to receive.

Oh and by the way, this all affects your finances too.

As long as we are frustrated, disappointment in the romance department or greedy and inpatient for money, we are blocked up.

Love and financial increase requires being stretched to receive. It requires the ability to be whole and to take risks.  It requires trust and stretching.

This means that there will be discomfort.  This means trusting God more.  This means healing the old trauma, dramas and wounds.  This means letting go of disappointments, pride and unworthiness that make your heart hard instead of open. It requires a willingness to exercise faith and do the heart and emotional work.

That is the problem also.  We like quick fixes and we do not want extra work.  So we distract ourselves with our phones, social media, TV, our kids and whatever else.  Anything but work on our purpose.

Do not ask God for the new, when you are still stuck in the old spirit and the old energy of still “waiting”, being disappointed and frustrated.  Don’t ask for nothing new when you keep staying too busy with fruitless activities far away from your purpose.

The moment you make a choice to get back on track with your purpose you are that much closer to being in position for your King.  The moment you decide to let go of the trauma, drama and disappointment of what your father or your ex did and all the others, that is one moment closer to your king.

When the Queen in ready, her King will appear.

To learn more and be a part of this very anointed and eye-opening calls coming up this Thursday @ 9PM EST and Saturday @ 11Am EST, CLICK HERE.