Try It Again.

You know, that little tug at your heart is still there. It hasn’t gone anywhere.  In spite of all that you have gone through, you still feel that gentle nudge to try it again.

Your “it” may be that business idea. Or that non-profit.  Writing that book.  Starting that blog. Joining a network marketing type of business.  Going back to school.  Starting that ministry.  Signing up to serve in a ministry or community service.

Or your “it” could be opening your heart to love again.

Whatever your “it” is, it is not too late and you can try again!  We tend to overthink and cause suffering for ourselves.

Also, we are eternally preoccupied with what “THEY” will think.  More often than not, we want it to be easy and really don’t want to actually do the WORK and put forth the effort and time it will take, either. Especially if we have tried before and we feel like we failed.

So we make excuses and stifle that little tug in our hearts.

We languish and suffer when we see other people taking the leap and doing the same thing we know we are to be doing.  We don’t understand why watching them makes us feel depressed. It is not “THEM”, it’s us.   When we are not really doing what we are supposed to be doing and when we see someone else doing the same thing, it stirs up insecurities.

So instead of looking and watching others, I encourage you to try it again.  This time with more wisdom and this time with greater faith.

Remember, it’s not over and it’s not too late!

Whatever mistake, shame, embarrassment from the past that you are struggling with, I encourage you to:

1) Receive God’s grace to fill in the gaps and insufficiencies;

2) Receive forgiveness of your mistakes;

3) Forgive yourself and stop ruminating about it;

4) Believe God for restoration and redemption of the years that have been lost (Joel 2:25) and lastly;

5) Try It Again!

What is it God is whispering for you do try again?

P.S. —- a little gift for you here – – the first three chapters of my book, Get out of that Dead-End Relationship NOW! After having ended a bad relationship, I too, had to pick up the pieces and live again. So can you!