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Blessings & Peace to You!

We only have a few weeks left in 2018.

In don’t’ know about you but A LOT has happened in 2018.  Some good and some not so good..,

Yet, here we are on the cusp of a brand new year.  Saying the same old stuff about how things are going to change and how you will be different year after year gets very, very old after you have endured many New Year’s Eves in your life is still pretty much the same.

Trust me, I know.

Practically speaking, the only REAL way to make any type of significant shifts, progress and forward momentum into a new year is to truly Get Real – real with yourself (the painful ugly stuff) and with God (come clean with Him) then Be Healed (take the time to do it) and then and only then can we truly expand and #Enlarge to become the men and women we are destined to be.

This is true freedom and real growth.

Often we want to pretend, fake, front, take shortcuts, be lazy, procrastinate, pretend we don’t know, we are too tired, we don’t have support, nobody likes us, nobody really cares, we don’t have the time, it is easier to watch TV, go out to eat, hang out, get entangled in dead-end relationships, be on social media ANYTHING but feeling the pain of healing.

So unless we hit rock bottom or are very intentional, we stay the same.

But this doesn’t have to be you!  I’ve partnered with a very powerful and anointed man of God, Pastor Ron Pitts out of Birmingham, AL to provide a safe space for you to DETOX from 2018 and prepare your soul, heart, and spirit to ENLARGE for what God has in store for you in 2019.

This is a FREE boot camp webinar designed to help you clear out 2018 and walk with confidence and clarity when 2019 comes in.  There may just be ONE key nugget, revelation, insight, or healing word that will create all the momentum you need heading into 2019 to make the shift!

The webinar will be held Wednesday, 12/19/18 at 7pm CST / 8 pm EST.  Two blessed and highly favored individuals who stay on the duration of the webinar will receive FREE signed copies of either my book A Woman’s Journey Home or Pastor Ron’s Book How to Respond When God Says No!


Don’t miss this powerful time of impartation, activation, detoxing and prayer!


In Him,



16 Most Popular Emotional Healing, Wholeness & Relationship Blog Posts of 2016


This year has been a very interesting year for many of us (to say the least!).  We started off the year with high intentions and goals just like every other year.  Some of our goals we met, others we did not.  Many of us grew in ways that we could have never imagined. 

Some of us ended dead-end relationships.  Others may have ended dead-end jobs.  On the other hand, some of us may have started a new relationship, gotten married, had baby, lost a loved one and the list goes on.

For some of us, we have endured trials and tribulations beyond belief and as we look back over the year we realize that it is only but the sheer grace of God that we have kept our right minds (can I get an amen!).

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, realize that you – 1) you are not alone; 2) there are other folks out there going through very similar struggles, and; 3) we are all in varying degrees of growth, transition and development. 

No matter where you may find yourself at this end of this year, be encouraged that God has begun a new thing in your life and He will bring it to completion (Phil. 1:6) and know that regardless of what it looks like or feels like that you truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil. 4:13)!

I find it quite amazing what people Google and search out which lets me know that there is a common thread among all of us.  We all have hurts.  We all need healing.  We are all being tested and are currently in some type of transition.  These top posts reflect what people have come back to on my blog again and again for inspiration, encouragement and hope over the course of 2016 in the midst of their trials. And now, without further ado, here are the top 16 blog posts based on search engine results and page views from #16 to the #1 Blog post in 2016:

16. Are You Passing the Test? Our Reliability Must Be Tested Before God Puts Us Into Widespread Use?

15. When Your Dream is In Limbo: 3 Keys to Keeping Hope Alive for the Remainder of 2013 (yes, this old one still is ranking)

14. When You Honor Yourself You Honor God

13. 3 Signs That You are In a Dead-End Relationship

12. Are You Striving on the Inside or Resting? You Must Be At Rest To Receive the Blessing!

11. Will You Be Made Whole? How to Walk Wholeheartedly

10. If You Don’t Let Your Past Die, It Won’t Let You Live: Stop Giving Your Past Permission to Speak

9. The Dangers of Having a Hasty Spirit: 3 Ways to Avoid Operating in the Spirit of Haste

8. A Life of Survival, Success or Significance: Which One are You?

7. Are You Living a Façade? Things Are Not Always as They Appear

6. Worship in The Wilderness: Help I’m Still Waiting on God

5. Settle it in Your Soul: YOU Have Been Made Whole

4. Do You Have a “Head” or a “Heart” Knowledge of Christ?

3. Unpacking & Unpeeling: The Process of Healing Emotional Wounds Part II

2. Regroup, Redefine, Recalibrate & Recover! The 4 Things You Must Do To Keep Moving Forward

1. Unpacking & Unpeeling: The Process of Healing Emotional Wounds Part I

Thank you for following my blog and whether you follow by email, WordPress reader, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I am glad you are connected.  I look forward to your feedback and I have more in store for you in 2017!! 


Stay connected to my #GetRealBeHealed Movement by clicking here!  For a FREE audio on 3 Signs of a Toxic Relationship go to and download today.  If you are struggling in a dead-end relationship, check out my book Get Out of that Dead-End Relationship NOW available on in paperback and Kindle.


Complete Your Year In Power, In Peace, In Position & On Purpose!


To finish well in 2016 we must do some mental, emotional and spiritual detoxing and de-cluttering now to be prepared for 2017. 

We can’t bring OLD THOUGHTS into this NEW SEASON.  

Let’s Complete 2016 Powerfully, Peacefully, in Position and On Purpose! 

Key things:

  1. Remember all you have Done and Become This Year. Celebrate the wins. Learn from the Losses.
  2. Remember the challenges you faced and overcame
  3. Release everything that you can’t carry with you in 2017 –
    • Any unfinished business, take care of it.
    • Any things left hanging complete it.
    • Clean your house and environment as best you can.
    • Release the disappointments and failures
    • Release dead-end relationships, patterns, habits and situations
  4. Position your heart to receive the NEW as you let go of the old.
  5. Document the wisdom you gained in 2016 so you don’t have to learn it again. Write it down!
  6. Be ahead of the curve going into 2017, start your planning now, not resolutions but goals and action steps.

Stay tuned for me coming from me in the next few weeks on getting Activated in your Purpose!

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